GO! heads west

GO! has been finally added to Foxtel cable for viewers in Adelaide and Perth.

GO!GO! has been finally added to Foxtel cable for viewers in Adelaide -and very possibly Perth- after delays from its rollout to East Coast Foxtel viewers on November 24th.

Since a promise to appear on to cable viewers nationally on November 24th, Foxtel has been very coy to TV Tonight neglecting to respond to enquiries. Hence the reason the situation in Perth can’t be clarified…. perhaps a friendly reader may wish to advise?

Update: Perth is also confirmed… thanks for the advice, guys.

TV Tonight understands there have been some issues between Foxtel and WIN in relation to the matter, being at the centre of the problem.

WIN Corporation owns the Nine affiliates in Adelaide and Perth.

The channel can now be seen to cable viewers on Ch 129.

GO! is promising to launch on satellite some time in the new year -but don’t hold your breath in Adelaide and Perth….

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  1. yeh its all about the pesky affiliates and nothing to do with the greedy super corporate. Another lame effort by fox that ticks off one of the many irritants if you live in Adelaide (satellite subscribers happy are we). Excuse me if I dont throw a party for simply catching up to what Sydney has.

  2. …but no EPG as Ch 9 Adelaide said they dont want to pay Foxtel to provide them with the EPG. So I guess I cant program in the GO and Ch 9 shows I mite watch, sorry WIN you are losing viewers !

  3. mean while here in QLD WIN including GO! this morning has vanished from all the TVs in my house and not my choice, no reception. While the analogue is still working, Seven digital is also having issues, what is happening?

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