Gone: Law and Order, Bondi Vet, The Hothouse.

law-and-order-castTEN will hold over Accidentally on Purpose and The Office tonight to run an Oprah episode “Christmas At The White House.”

“In this hour-long special, Oprah will usher in the holidays at the White House, visiting President Obama & the First Lady as they prepare for their family’s first Christmas there. Oprah will also sit down with the First Couple, for an exclusive interview.”

Both US sitcoms remain in schedule on Thursday as well as returning next Tuesday.

Meanwhile it can’t score big on Fridays and is removing Bondi Vet repeats, plus Law and Order and The Hothouse first-runs.

It will add another Malcolm in the Middle to 8pm (now screening both before and after The 7PM Project) and adds the movie: First Wives’ Club to 8:30pm December 18.

8:00pm Malcolm In The Middle
8:30pm Friday Night Movie – The First Wives Club
10:30pm Outrageous Fortune
11:30pm TEN Late News


  1. What the Hell are you doing? looking forward to stargate universe and its not on are you people completely stupid or what how can you axe a show after 3 episodes/ morons!…………………………….

  2. There’s a reason Channel 10 can Never beat Nine or Seven apart from the week they air the Grand Final… they can’t structure anything, they don’t put good shows during the ratings period, and if they do, they shove it at like 1am…

    Look at The Office, Accidentely on Purpose, Futurama, Cleveland Show, sure they’re probably not that good, but give them a chance, to at least win a timeslot at least.

    But then again the same thing can be said for 7 and 9, what is with 7 and their smattering of their “COPS” ripoffs and Border Security ripoffs? isn’t 1 hour a week More than enough? What ever happened to TV shows with talented people that possess acting skills?

  3. Pity, I was enjoying the Hothouse. I don’t know why I bother watching new series on commercial TV – inevitable they disappear or get moved all over the place. How can Ten be surprised that a new series flops when it doesn’t promote it!?

  4. Now that Law & Order has gone there’s nothing to watch on Ten over summer.I can get my Letterman fix on the Comedy Channel.
    Farewell Ten,cya in a few months when something worth watching comes on [i.e NCIS]

  5. I’am happy that Outrageous Fortune will atleast be shown. 10 main problem is that without a proper digital channel you will never know if your will see your shows again.

  6. Vinny, they did play all of season one. It finished about a month ago. Outrageous Fortune should have been at 10.30 from the beginning. Most fans probably have the DVD from NZ already, and the ones relying on FTA will be confused by the two season gap.

    Fingers crossed the Oprah special flops, so Ten don’t get any ideas about removing The Office permanently.

  7. Will TEN ever get it right and have a decent line up without changing it so often and even Sothern X ten still advertise old line up yesterday for last nights new line up.No Supernatural or Futurama.So many changes just leaves viewers totally pi**ed.

  8. Here we go – 2 episodes in and we are already having to chase Outrageous Fortune all over the bloody clock. If they are shafting it already, there goes any slim hope of seeing the entire series. Bugger!!

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