Mythbusters to take Top Gear slot

SBS' science / entertainment show moves back to a Monday slot in January after Top Gear exits.

mythbustersMythbusters‘ Adam and Jamie will return to Monday nights on SBS ONE, in the slot vacated by Top Gear.

The science / entertainment show has previously been in the prime Monday slot but moved to Saturdays by SBS some time ago.

It’s kitchen catastrophes as Adam and Jamie throw fuel on the fire of a newspaper story while Kari, Grant and Tori tackle an explosive movie myth before they put cheese to the test.

First up, Adam and Jamie investigate a story they found in The Florida Tribune. The report says a 30 foot high fireball erupted when a person tried to put out a kitchen grease fire with a glass of water.

To see if the facts and figures in The Florida Tribune are indeed fact or fiction, the boys head to the South San Francisco Fire Department training facility to set up an explosive grease fire of their own.

Next Kari, Grant and Tory investigate a scene from the movie Grosse Point Blank where the baddie is involved in a convenience store shootout. He places a bomb in a microwave, sets it for 60 seconds, and then when the timer hits zero the bomb explodes. Can a microwave really trigger a C4 explosion?

With the help of the local country sheriff’s bomb squad and their bomb-disposal robot, which was love at first site for Grant, the team set up three tests to decide if this myth is movie make believe or a genuine way to set off C4.

Then Kari, Grant and Tory put an old seafaring story up for inspection. During a 1840 naval battle between Uruguay and Brazil it is said that the Uruguayan Captain ran out of cannonballs mid-battle. The desperate Captain came up with the resourceful idea to use the Dutch Edam cheese he was carrying as a cannon ball replacement and ordered his sailors to load the cheese into the cannons. Allegedly the cheese cannon balls shredded his opponent’s sails and the Uruguayan Captain won the day. The Mythbusters build team set themselves the task to find out if this story has a whiff of truth about it or is it just a myth that stinks?

It airs on January 25th.

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  1. Good stuff!

    Saturday I just never noticed it was on, I would PVR it now and then, or series link for gaps of new episodes when i came across them. Monday is way better!

    It’s one of those shows that every episode is entertaining, it should be on for many more years which is awesome!

  2. @tvaddict0909 – I don’t think there are any unseen Mythbuster eps (apart from the new season ones) But it would be nice if SBS wanted to fill a hour (or several hours) with ‘classic’ eps from the start of the early seasons.

    I want to know when they plan to air the double ep Demolition Derby Special which aired in the US back in April 2009.

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