Networks snub interstate fireworks

Sydney's fireworks get coast to coast coverage again, but at the expense of other cities.

sydMelbourne is feeling just a tad snubbed by television networks declining to broadcast the city’s fireworks tonight, instead opting for the Sydney spectacle.

Traditionally both are screened, on alternative networks.

Nine spokeswoman Michelle Stamper has told the Herald Sun, “With costs as they are, we are going with national coverage of one of the world’s most famous fireworks shows, from Sydney Harbour.”

Two years ago while TEN screened the Sydney fireworks nationally, both Seven and Nine aired fireworks over the Yarra and Federation Square. This year Seven is airing The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

It’s the same story in other capital cities where Seven’s movie will also take precedence and TEN has its Shaun Micallef’s New Year’s Rave special.

Most networks however will likely source footage from other cities for their News services tomorrow.

While costs are being cited as part of the decision, maybe Programmers also got a heads up from the Weather Bureau. It’s a stinker in Melbourne today, expected to pass 35, with a possible electrical storm due after 10pm, which could cancel the city’s planned fireworks in any case.

Nine’s Sydney fireworks will air in two instalments with New Year’s Eve 2009 Family Fireworks from 8:40 – 9:10, and New Year’s Eve 2009 from 11:40 – 12:10 ….pity for those who aren’t on AEDT. You’ll have to put up with it on delay anyway…

Source: Herald Sun

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  1. Yes i think Sydney has the best fireworks around , coz they have the best place to display them from.. Melbourne is a lovely place to very nice people there, ive never seen NYE fireworks there yet maybe 1 day , i have in Sydney many times i will be there this year again..
    I have moved to perth 5 years ago and really miss the Sydney NYE fireworks.. Perth really needs NYE fireworks, coz there is nothing here at all, so depressing they need to catch up the the rest of the world and no how to entertain it’s residence properly…….. Communist State ..Needs many changes……

  2. I attended the Sydney NYE fireworks on the Cahill Expressway viewing platform and I found them bitterly disappointing. Be grateful they look so good on television!! Except for the last 60 second ‘money shot’ they were just ordinary fireworks over the same gorgeous harbour you view every other night. Totally overhyped and overrated. Next year I will not be standing around with 1 million brain dead people doing Groundhog New Years Eve and staring at the sky. I will find a decent party assuming there is anything else to do in Sydney other than gawking at fireworks. Maybe I’ll head down to Melbourne where the fireworks are ordinary – but at least the people know how to party hard.

  3. I couldn’t agree more about the comments regarding the coverage on Nine last night.How many ads did they put in during the early fireworks at 9pm.Was i also right in hearing them a couple of times saying “the fireworks in Sydney will be the first as the world welcomes in the new year”.(or words to that effect) What Sydney is the centre of the world and the first to see the New Year??.They had better look at the map and see that New Zealand is east of Australia and will see the new year before us.Or was NZ towed to the other side of the date line for the night??
    Over all a pathetic attempt by 9 and shows how much out of touch they are with the average person who watches TV.

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