Nine on the case for 2010

afpNine CEO David Gyngell and Advertising Sales Director Peter Wiltshire today begin the big sell of the Nine Network to media buyers around the country.

In Brisbane yesterday they unveiled the first of three presentations across three cities. Sydney follows today and Melbourne tomorrow.

Amongst those detailed are the new factual series on the Australian Federal Police, being produced by Denton’s company Zapruder’s Other Films.

“It’s the most incredible access I’ve ever seen to a program. We are there for things that you just can’t imagine we’re there,” said Gyngell.

What about the Godwin Grech case? The AFP once tried this format many years ago with Crawford Productions. You can read a whole lot more on the show from this May 2008 story.

Nine’s Sundays for 2010, start with Domestic Blitz followed by Sixty Minutes and the third instalment of the Underbelly. Gyton Grantley fronts scam-show The Real Hustle. Other true crime shows include Australian Families of Crime, hidden camera show You’re Nicked and the police dog show Send In the Dogs.

Wicked Love: The Maria Korp Story starring Vince Colossimo and Rebecca Gibney, has had a subtle title change.

Gordon Ramsay’s Gordon’s Great Escapes will also screen and Hey Hey It’s Saturday will be back, but so far without the finer detail. Gyngell also predicted Top Gear‘s numbers would soar from 1 million at SBS to 1.5 million at Nine.

More titles are to be rolled in Sydney today and Melbourne tomorrow.



  1. Well I congratulate Nine for running Australian drama on Sunday night – first run, event-style programming, exclusive, audience not eroded by downloading – there should be more of it. It’s the way ahead and Nine have declared their intentions first. Seven seems scared to program aggressively at 830 Sunday, which I don’t understand. The gap between 7 and 9 would be much wider if Seven consistently won Sundays which they don’t.

  2. Gotta love Nine. Audiences loved Underbelly so that must mean they love crime so we’ll fill our whole schedule with every conceivable variation of a crime show. Genius plan. Ho hum.

  3. keep your eyes on this article everyone. the network CEO’s love to send these out as red herrings to throw off the competition. last year david leckie said that their opening sunday would be Australias got talent> desperate housewives> greys anatomy and it turned out to be border>triple zero>city homicide>24.

    and this being an announcemnt from 9 we should all know that half of these will never make it to air. there are still over a dozen shows from the last 2 years lineups that we are yet to see. like when i grow up.

  4. Underbelly won’t do as well on Sunday nights.

    Can’t wait to hear what they have in store for Tuesday nights. Will they actually compete for Tuesday nights in 2010?

    I’m guessing Mondays will remain the Mentalist and Wednesdays V?

  5. Not that it probably means a jot to Nein, but I can tell them that they can cross off at least 1 from their proposed Top Gear numbers. I love the show, but I will get my Clarkson / May fix by other means. There is no way I will subject myself to the abortion that will be Top Gear on a full blown commercial station. It will be more ads than program – just dont see the point.

  6. More Gordon Ramsey, have they not learned Australians hate the man. Hidden camera shows??? Monster House did so well didn’t it! Lord Howe Nine. No brains at all.

    Underbelly no doubt will be hyped and people will call it the best Australian show ever before it’s even be screened and will rate through the roof. Meh

    Hey Hey will be interesting though. Put it on Wednesday it will get massive ratings. But it belongs on Saturday, and although it usually is a lower rating night movies last week got over a million so it will pull a big number Saturday too and help Nine win the night so i’d stick with Saturdays.

  7. I’m not sure is those Top Gear predictions will come true, maybe at first but it depends when they plan on airing it and just how many ad breaks they put in there. People are used to watching TG at 7:30 so maybe they won’t stick around at a later time?

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