Returning: 24

Seven currently has promos for the new season of 24, returning to screen on January 26th.

jack-bauer7TWO currently has promos for the new season of 24, returning to screen on January 26th.

The network has previously promised an 8:30pm timeslot for the show on 7TWO, and as with Lost, has not ruled out second screenings on Seven itself yet.

The eighth series returns in the US on January 17 with a two night, four hour premiere.

So far 7TWO’s schedule allows for a 100 min TBA at 8:30pm January 26 (it could run 2 eps with minimal eps) and there are 2 hours TBA at 8:30pm on Wednesday January 27th.

Fingers crossed….

7TWO is also indicating Lost “Coming soon” which returns in the US on February 2nd.

Update: Now double Ugly Betty at 7:30 & 8:30 with Shark at 9:30.

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  1. never mind… i found one….


    Pretty much the same as an American add with different music. Hopefully they will make new ads for each episode, and not just have a stock add all the time.

  2. Anyone got the aussie promo for this taped or anything? Want to see how they are advertising like compared to the US. Season 2 they copied alot of American promos, but sometimes they do really good ones themselves, like the finale of season 4… i have it burnt on DVD-R somewhere… too bad I don’t know where…

  3. @mick, we will find out in May.

    i wonder if 24 will stay on tuesdays or if 7two are just going to start splatting the first few episodes everywhere like FOX does and it will end up on another day.
    i thought 24 would be going to it’s old slot of Mon 8:30. it would be good contrast to the housewives which will probably be on the same time on 7. this might indicate a female skewing lineup on 7 on tuesdays so maybe greys is going to Tuesday??

  4. Lost has a 3 hour premier in the US, hope we get it fast tracked.

    Only problem with the 2nd channels is I fear they will conflict with the main ones, maybe time to invest in another PVR…. with twin HD tuners 😀

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