Returning: Silent Witness

swFriday night British dramas on ABC1 get a shot in the arm in February when a new series of Silent Witness returns with forensic pathologists Leo, Harry and Nikki.

“Intent” will kick off the 13th season of the thriller which doesn’t air in the UK until next week.

In the first episode of the series, insurance investigator William Byfield (Paul Broughton) is found dead, apparently suffocated from the exhaust fumes piped into his car. Harry’s (Tom Ward) initial examination suggests it was a likely suicide but, after further examination, the team suspects the man may have died from cyanide poisoning.

The victim’s over-zealous work replacement Clare Ambler (Polly Frame) starts to suspect Byfield’s death may be linked to his latest investigation involving the untimely death of Stephen Connelly, a healthy middle-aged man. Leo (William Gaminara) is worried that he has no recollection of the case or being the pathologist who signed off on Connelly’s post-mortem.

Meanwhile, Harry runs into a hospital grief counsellor he worked with in the past who turns out to be Connelly’s widower, Rebecca (Lucy Cohu). Convinced Rebecca can be trusted, Harry assures Leo he has nothing to worry about and that it is another case of ‘bureaucratic inefficiency’. But Ambler doesn’t back down and convinces the police to investigate Leo for fraud.

It returns to ABC1 8:35pm Friday February 5th.


  1. Amanda Burton was terrible in the early episodes of Silent Witness. She dominated the show and made it repetitive. The present cast are great and have a lot of depth. Good to see it back but I was dissapointed that the show has upped the gratutious elements quite a bit. Last season had too many blatantly exploitative shots of naked cadavers which is a bit unsettling to some.

  2. Wow that’s quick.

    I love the show and can’t wait to see it. Good on the ABC for -fast-tracking this one. Hopefully they’ll do the same for Spooks season 8 as well.

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