Seven loses C7 appeal

sevenlogoThe Seven Network has lost its appeal on the infamous C7 litigation Pay TV case, after the Federal Court today dismissed its appeal.

C7 Sport was a pay-TV service in Australia owned and run by Kerry Stokes’ Seven Network which launched a landmark litigation case against a string of companies, including News Limited, Publishing and Broadcasting Limited, Optus, Telstra, the NRL, AFL and Channel TEN.

It became the longest-running media case in Australia running for 120 days and costing $200m in legal fees, with an initial claim of $1b in damages, later reduced to $212m. So significant was the case at the time the judgment was filmed by the ABC and broadcast live on television and the internet.

Not all the companies were named in the appeal, confined to: News Ltd, Consolidated Media Holdings, Telstra, Sky Cable and Foxtel.

In the light of this morning’s ruling, Seven has issued a statement saying:

Seven Network Limited is considering the 340 page judgment of the Full Federal Court in its pay television access case in which Seven’s appeal was dismissed today.

In Seven’s opinion, the importance of the issues to its business justified pursuing this appeal, given that costs in appeals are far more contained as they focus on legal analysis.

There will be no further statement whilst the full judgment is considered.


  1. they sues the nrl and the afl. they didn’t even make a bid on those rights for those 2 sports. that’s judge said when lost the case the first time around. 7 had the righ to bid last in the afl rights from 2002 to 2006 and they didn’t even bother making a bid. but they decided to sue the afl instead. they were never going to win this case

  2. Wow this case has been draging on; the appeal failed I can’t see why Seven would want to pursue it anymore; I’m with johnjet move on and invest this in more Australian Drama; try your luck at creating another Rafters type hit.

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