Seven’s prayer with Vicar of Dibley

With 1.2m viewers for The Vicar of Dibley on Sunday, Seven has added more repeats to summer.

vicar-of-dibley-1Seven was so pumped by the 1.2m viewers for The Vicar of Dibley on Sunday that it has added more repeats of the sitcom to summer.

It will return at 6:30pm Sunday December 27, which at 70 mins pushes back other programming for the night by about 10 minutes. It will replace a Mighty Ships special.

Another is scheduled for 8:30pm Saturday January 9th.

4 Responses

  1. Sorry, not a fan of Vicar of Dibley at all.

    Give me Father Ted anyday – at least that has an edge to its comedy.

    In fact the Father Ted Xmas special would be the perfect antitode to the over-indulgence of merriment this time of year…….

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