Shaun Micallef’s New Year’s Rave

smnyWho else would welcome in 2010 in 1960s style but Shaun Micallef in his own living room Tonight show? 10pm Thursday on TEN.

  • New Year’s Eve 2009
  • Sydney Symphony with Human Nature
  • The Noughties: A Decade in Review
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • Dinner for One


  1. Ha ha, I love Micallef and I liked his bizarre nye show. I’m just amazed that ten let him do it. I love his humour, but I don’t think many people understand it let alone enjoy it. I think talkin bout your generation has only been popular because of the bulls**t gameshow element, not Micallef’s obscure and abstract comedy stylings.

  2. I loves Micallef as much as the next freakin weirdo, but I have the sneaking suspicion I’ve seen the high horse’s “Coles ice cream cone” bit before. I swear to Richard Dawkins I have.

  3. My god… This show is so bad I can’t describe it. It’s woeful. This is the exact reason why this guys shows never last… He’s not bad on M.G. but this is so ridiculously unfunny, I cant workout why I’m even watching it….

  4. Looks like a hoot and i rarely if ever watch these types of NYE shows as they’re usually so bland. Trust Micallef to make a NYE show worth watching!

  5. Definitely the best shows of the night. Want to tape all the first five, but can only tape three at once (Two on the Set Top Box and One on the old VCR we have. At least there will be a lot of good things to watch on New Year’s Day, seeing as I am going out to enjoy the festivities. The best night lineup since the non-ratings period began.

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