Survivor: It’s double Samoa

ruSurvivor fans really need to be on alert lately, with extra episodes and amendments proving to be their own Survivor Challenge.

Updated: But it’s good news for them with a double episode slated for 7:30pm Tuesday December 15. Continues in doubles Dec 22.

If Nine keeps up the double eps through summer it might minimise damaging leaks about the winner, given the season is currently airing in the US.

On Tuesday it took 788,000 third in its slot behind The 7:30 Report and Accidentally on Purpose.

Seven was fourth with Gary Unmarried.

Nine moves the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding to 9:30pm, but die-hard reality fans could feasibly watch 2 hrs of Survivor and switch over to The Amazing Race on Seven afterwards.


  1. WIN in WA has decided to air the first episode of Survivor Samoa on Tuesday at 7.30pm (don’t know what has happened to Tocantins). Pity it only goes for one hour, while Nine is showing a double episode. I guess I’ll go back to watching elsewhere. Pull your socks up WIN.

  2. Yet again WIN in regional WA is absolutely useless. They are still showing Survivor Gabon (double episode tonight from 10.30), then I suppose they will show Tocantins once the Gabon reunion is shown early Thursday morning, Dec 10th. I was in Perth earlier this week and saw the first episode of Samoa. We might get to watch Samoa on WIN sometime mid-2010. I have no doubt it will be on at the ridiculous hour of 10.30pm again.

  3. Just to clarify, the first episode did not feature the opening credits due to the fact that there were two challenges in the premiere episode instead of the usual one. Jeff mentions on his blog how precious every second of footage is, so whilst the theme song has almost become iconic in it’s own right, it had to be sacrificed. As noted they will be included in the following episodes.

    For those interested here are the final words for the first contestant voted off:

    “Tonight’s really difficult for me to swallow. I trusted Russell initially, but it was a mistake to say something to him because he makes trouble, and so he made it around me, and I’m really sad to be going home. I don’t hold any animosity toward anyone and I’m grateful to have had the experience, however short it may have been.”

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