Survivor’s ‘near-death’ experience

russellSurvivor has enjoyed many ‘firsts’ in television, but this season it had its first near-death experience after Russell S. told Jeff Probst at the Survivor Reunion that his collapse during a challenge was a powerful experience.

“There is no doubt about it. I have never felt that good, in my life,” he told Jeff Probst.

“This is in the midst of trauma?” asked Probst.

“This is in the midst of it,” he answered. “The sky looked very blue and wonderful. I felt great, I thought ‘Man this is great’ I’m gonna like take this game by storm. But no, I was going heaven-ward.”

The episode in which Russell S. collapsed aired earlier this week in Australia but the show has now ended in the US.

He was withdrawn from the game immediately by the Australian-managed medical team, when they feared for his health.

Recently voted the most influential television show of the last ten years by Variety, Survivor returns for its 20th season next year, confirming its Heroes v Villains season on February 11th in the US. The season is believed to have been filmed once again in Samoa.


  1. Vicky, it’s confirmed. On that same forum they also have the list (I’m not sure how detailed it is, I haven’t checked) of boots, by episode, and the finalists.

  2. Agreed! How his wife watched I don’t know!

    And yes, finale and reunion was one of the best ever! Can’t wait to find out the cast for H vs V.

    Maybe they’ll let Not-Evil Russell back as a Hero??!

  3. The moment Not-Evil Russell’s eyes went glassy was an incredibly scary piece of television. This was one of the best seasons of Survivor ever with lots of booing and cheering to be had in the finale and reunion! Bring on Heroes vs Villains!

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