The hits on iView

ABC's iView platform is now enjoying more than 1m visits a month with Four Corners, United States of Tara, Good Game amongst its most popular titles.

taraFour Corners, United States of Tara, Good Game, Doctor Who, The Chaser’s War on Everything and Media Watch are the most popular titles on the ABC’s iView platform.

The online catch-up service has been operating since July 2008.

Since April this year there have been 6.2 million views of programs with an annual monthly average of 610,000 visits, up by 140% compared to last year.

It averages 206,000 visitors per month, up by 60% compared to last year.

In October 2009, ABC iView recorded its highest ever number of visitors and visits. 286,000 visitors and 1.054 million visits to ABC iView.

Visits have grown at even a faster rate than visitors meaning people are visiting ABC iView more often.

Meanwhile ABC has also seen 7 million Vodcast downloads of this year.

The most downloaded ABC TV programs include:
Good Game (902,000 downloads)
Media Watch (869,000)
triple jtv (825,000)
The Cook and the Chef (341,000)
Gardening Australia (335,000)

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  1. My regular shows I watch there are Media Watch, Four Corners, any doco I’ve missed that looks interesting and random stuff from ABC2 that I completely forgot was on.

    It’s a great idea I wish more channels would take it up.

  2. ABC’s free downloads for Media Watch eps have been a blessing, given the show’s in a timeslot where there’s been a lot going on throughout the year for many of the other channels. So not surprised it’s the second most popular vodcast offering.

  3. wow those are huge numbers for Good Game, just shows what you can do with a legal site that works without extra software and is unmetered to many users.

    The commercial networks can take a lesson from the ABC.

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