The Queen’s Christmas Message 2009

queenLiz has another right royal Xmas message for all her loyal subjects, 7:20pm Friday on ABC1.

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  • BlackAdder’s Christmas Carol


  1. Dr. Khadiga Safwat

    Your Royal Majesty
    May most respectfully add the following in the celebration of Xmas. I share Your Majesty ’s grief over the young men and women who lost their lives in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and with their families and friends for a great personal loss. All Moslems and Arabs, I am sure, join Your Majesty’s great admiration for the courage of troops out there and what they are trying to do.. But they are not the only casualties war nor are they the only ones who lost their lives for the safety of the streets of Britain and USA.
    I also agree that Xmas is not for the Christians alone. Jesus is one of the greatest Prophets of the Moslem and Arabs all over. His mother Mary-peace be on her-is one of the most revered women in our culture.
    Your Majesty will have read or heard of some Rabbi’s in Israel who prohibited the display of Christian symbols in restaurants and cafes and threatened to call on the Israelis not to make custom with them, while the Palestinian Moslems leaders and Christian and Moslem commoners joined last night as they always do in the Xmas celebrations in Bethlehem in the prayers and festivities.
    With all due respect and homage to Your Great and beloved Person.
    Khadiga Safwat (Dr,)
    Oxford- 25. 12.09

  2. Dennis Andrew Jewell

    Great when I was 10 days old in March 1961 my lady hand pick me to be her sucessor to the crown of England Dennis Andrew Jewell son of god

  3. My family and I always look forward to the speech wherever we are in the world. It’s part of Christmas Day. Her thoughts and wishes are what the world needs more of. Thank you for your tireless work.

  4. Richard Christy

    Her Majesty”s Christmas message has been a Family tradition for many in Canada. It has always been a welcome statement from the Queen’s perspective of the events ot the past year and an expression of hope and joy for the year ahead. I value Her Majesty’s greetings as part of our Nation’s Christmas but also a personal touch from our Canadian head of state!

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