TV Tonight Awards: voting continues

The votes are coming in for Packed to the Rafters, TV Burp, True Blood, Dexter, MasterChef, home MADE, Shaun Micallef, Rove McManus, Andrew O'Keefe -but are they for positive or negative categories?

masterchefThe votes are coming in for the TV Tonight Awards 2009 from readers.

You have until Monday if you haven’t yet voted.

A quick scan of some of the votes shows some familiar titles and names:

Packed to the Rafters, East West 101, TV Burp, Review with Myles Barlow, True Blood, Dexter, MasterChef Australia, home MADE, THIS afternoon, Dance Your Ass Off, Shaun Micallef, Rove McManus, Andrew O’Keefe, Julia Zemiro -but are they for positive or negative categories?

You’ll have to wait and see.

Readers have also been throwing in their 2c worth on the year in viewing.

Here is a selection of their thoughts:

Can we have some stability in schedules? This year has been the worst on record, particularly from Channel 9 but the others are guilty of it too. Kudos to Channel 10 for hanging in with The 7PM Project but it’s sad that the viewers prefer the other shows on at that time.

I still have an issue with the poor legibility of credits at the end of shows.

We can make great tv so there needs to be more made so we can get rid of the american rubish off our screens.

Been great throughout the whole year (especially Dancing With The Stars).

Our free to air is very good. Foxtel keep introducing more channels with the same shows. We aren’t stupid!

I don’t like the direction SBS has gone, but I still watch it more than the other free channels, the ABC channels are great, I’ve watched Ten more than any year since 2003. I’m not a huge fan of the “politics” of Seven or Nine (they seem very white, Christian, middle-aged male channels) but if they put something on I like I’ll begrudgingly watch. Ultimately it’s all about the content.

Switch to ABC, SBS or Foxtel if you want to see anything of substance

No Summer Heights or Kath & Kim this year meant no aussie comedy worth noting.

You can still vote for the Awards until Monday here.

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  1. I don’t agree with the ‘american rubbish’ comment. There are plenty of good american shows out there, ones that were named in the poll such as true blood and dexter.

    =) I loved TV Burp. When is it coming back??? <3 Ed

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