1. Ten really need to cut loose on their dog shows…200k for Outrageous Fortune in a 9.30pm timeslot is the worst figure I’ve ever seen for a commercial channel on a weeknight. Law and Order is almost as bad. They may as well dump Supernatural on Friday nights and try resurrecting Smallville or even Three Rivers (axed, I know…), its guaranteed to rate higher than 200k, I can say that now. Also would it kill them to give 90210/Melrose Place a shot? I know they’re both likely to rate less than 600k, but Glee seems to be working, and the demos would be a lot better than their current lot.

  2. ten have tried everything on fri and sats and still cant get a good share. By now you would realise that on fri and sats people love docos and garden/lifestyle shows so i would suggest ten dont even bother trying to aim for the 16-39 demo but instead go for the 25-54 demo, and start catering for this group.

  3. The fact that the 7pm Project can’t beat repeats of How I Met Your Mother and Funniest Home Video’s is reason enough for it to go.

    Also it is a shame that Outrageous Fortune is rating really badly but that is expected considering 10 use tro air it after 11pm and then skiped season 3 and 4 and haven’t advertised the show at all.

    10 needs to start their new channel Now.

  4. Is there a reason ten has 5 hrs of fkn golf on one hd and channel 10? Ten you have a dedicated channel for the loser game golf, so stick the sh*t on there and put something people would actually want to watch on ten! because of you all today i was watching your rivals, who actually had something good on!

  5. @ border patrol ” Chris Bath beaten in Sydney. She wont last long”
    Who are you kidding?
    One night down slightly, all other nights up by tens of thousands and you assume defeat.
    You must really love nine news or hate Chris Bath.
    Your prediction is a load of bull and you probably know that.

  6. honestly why are ten insisting on keeping 7pm? is there a valid reason for doing so? from what i’ve seen its had enough time to find its feet and i dont think its gonna happen.
    Has ten shown their 2010 lineup yet?

  7. Ten need to replace CI repeats, as soon as possible. 435,000 in a primetime slot is absolutely woeful.

    Shame The Office isn’t working, at least they gave it a shot.

  8. good to see HIMYM establishing itself as the top commercial 7:00 show this summer. last night it was the #1 show in 25-54. it’s a very funny show i hope this summer is sucessful in building a loyal audience.

    this is one of the few things i like about summer, the early evenings. with malcom and HIMYM i am much more entertained now than during the year.

  9. I’m gonna cause a scandal…. so channel 9 haters, get your fingers ready…… ready for it….. i love Australia’s Funniest Home Videos as a daily series. never ever watched the show, as I thought it was a bit pedestrian, but its so much fun to sit back at dinner, and see someone make a total fool of themselves. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while…… Feel free to hate on me now…..

  10. “ten need to replace supernatural ep 1 with criminal intent eps!”

    oh go away. we Do Not need more damn crime dramas on TV. Enough, enough, enough of the ncis / ncsi / csi,law & order, svu blabl blah blah crap.

  11. also the fact that Malcom in the Middle – a show that hasn’t been on TV for years, on a new network, and on a unusal timeslot for a comedy show – is beating the 7pm project in its first week?

    that’s warning signs to either change the shows time slot or get rid of it all together. And to think Taken Out was getting better/same numbers than the 7pm Project, Wow.

  12. the problem with the 7pm project is the timeslot i reckon

    people who watch the news at 6pm, have more likely have no reason to watch the news/current event again only 30 minute later. They’ve got their news fix, why would you want another one 30 mins later?

    people who didn’t catch the news at 6pm, have 2 choices at 7pm – ABC or 7pm Project. People will fall over to the ABC news. Professional presentation OR wannabe journos/comedians?

    7pm would have been better as a late night show. Whos the target audience? The youngins? It presents (key word) itself that way so it already loses a majority of the older audience (at that curernt time slot to the ABC). Do young people watch the news? no a lot read the news on the interent.

  13. Yeah shame about The Office numbers. I watched the British one the other day and still think the American version is way better, which is odd cos most American remakes are rubbish.

    I was up late last night so managed to watch Parks and Recreation which i thought was good, but It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was freaking hilarious. I’ve seen it before and found it ok, but last night was one of the funniest shows i’ve ever seen. 11.30 at night, everyone asleep, and i’m laughing my head off.

  14. Great to see Reaper getting some viewers, as it’s an awesome show. Too bad they didn’t show it here two summers ago when it first aired in the states.

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