1. @ Trent
    “People want to see newsreaders that are both serious and humorous and to present these varying aspects at the right time. Ferguson is quite boring and I’m glad that Nine are rid of him”.

    Speak for yourself, i just want them to read the news. How fake is it when the sports reader mentions some obscure sport to the news reader, at the end of the segment, and he or she always respond’s with “Looking forward to that” or words to that effect, yeah right Christine Bath is going to catch up on watching some Lawn Bowls tournement, at 3 in the morning.

  2. Unfortunatley Outrageous Fortune has never had any decent treatment on Aussie TV. It really makes me wonder why a top rating NZ show, that is quite brilliant, never got a good start. Why would people start watching Season 5, when seasn 2 aired on channel 9 about 3 years ago, and Season 3 was on Foxtel. It really does deserve better treatment, and I enjoy it on DVD, since I already own it. To me the figures show a lack of viewer understanding of the show and the timeslot might not be right. I just know some people will be quite upset who watch it and do not own the DVD, if Ch 10 axe it completely.

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