1. The Office could have gotten better ratings, if it were not for the Ten Networks’ poor implementation of the program. They should have went back to season 2 and worked with that.

  2. The reason Gary Unmarried and Accidentely on Purpose make primetime and 30 Rock gets a nosebleeds timeslot is because Gary and Accidentely are both from CBS, the top network in America, I doubt Australia wants to pi** off CBS, it’s also why Two and a Half Men gets 50 million timeslots a week during the ratings period.

    I cannot believe that the 6pm News wins the days and week’s ratings, and shows that air in the proper primetime (7:30-10:30, 6:30-10:30 for Sundays) don’t get a spot in the top 10, does everybody in Australia fall asleep at 7:30 or something?

  3. Is there any chance the ratings for Wild at Heart are available from ABC2 last night? Any idea why it rated well on ABC1 and they held off most the year and put it on ABC2?

  4. @kevin – TEN didn’t axe Charmed since it didn’t make it. It was ended after 8 years on the WB in the US and while I miss it too I think it was getting beyond it’s used by date.

    @mike – I like Paula Marshall more 🙂

    Yes it’s a same 30 Rock is still not in prime-time but shows like Gary Unmarried grow on you. Accidently on Purpose is okay I like Jenna but it’s not likely to make it past S1, as for According to Jim it’s now gone but I mainly watched it for Courtney Thorne-Smith.

    😆 I think there is a pattern to my TV viewing.

  5. Whacked Out Sports! what kind of drugs are people on??

    The Office gradually getting better ratngs but the ads don’t do the show justice which is a shame or more people would tune in.

  6. It really is sad that sitcoms like Gary Unmarried and Accidently on Purpose are given the opportunity of an early timeslot, yet comedy gold like 30 Rock is subjected to late nights.

    According to Jim is right up there in the worst sitcom stakes.

  7. i think they should show Charmed at 6:30 Saturday before Merlin for an actual “seriously magical” night. I miss charmed, cant beleieve ten axed it in its eighth year, sad, just sad.

  8. @Andrew F
    We’ll if Ten were “serious” about the future of the show they would make something like this happen.
    7PM Project has to dig deep for answers if they want to get an audience over 850K and the 16-39s each night.

  9. According to Jim, Garry Unmarried, Rule of Engagement…. those shows are great, really watchable and fun to watch.

    Whats the deal with Die Hard 1 and C7? I mean all the other Die Hard movies have been moved to different Networks over the years, yet Die Hard 1 stays on C7? Any reasons behind this?

    Also looking at the advance print TV guide, the last week of December (and only that week), C10 are showing Malcolm in the Middle 3 times a day – 11.30am and 7-8pm. Great news, but I feel the need to complain just like when 2.5 Me….. nevermind 🙂

  10. accidently on purpose was pretty good last night, alot better than previous eps, and the office was also pretty good.
    7pm project boring as hell! deserves its crap ratings
    Ten need to bring back burn notice! put it on at either 8.30 or 9.30 thur!

  11. Is it just summer ratings are lower, or is genuinely no one really watching Accident on Purpose?? It’s my households favourite summer gem. Best american sitcom in a long time.

  12. @Ryano I think Hamish might struggle to get from South Melbourne to South Yarra after finishing a radio show at 6pm. Why would he jump on a sinking ship when he’s got the most popular radio show int he country and probably makes more money than he would in tv?

  13. Seven News continues to thump the living tripe out of Nine News in Sydney. Mark Ferguson must be so loving this,as success is the best revenge and he is lording it over Peter Overton at the moment. Nine News had one win this week, with a slight 9,000 more viewers. Last night, Seven had 140,000-odd more viewers for their 6pm bulletin than Nine did. Ouch!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what Nine’s Sydney news room can do to stop Seven’s 6pm ascendancy.

    The 7pm Project continues to tank – when is 10 going to stick a fork in this turkey? Also, how bad is Gary Unmarried??? It’s up there with Rules of Engagement as being almost unwatchable, it is absolutely terrible.

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