“We’re still number four”

banThis week the ABC said they increased their share of free-to-air viewers by 0.1 of a point higher than 2008, which had previously been its most successful ratings year ever.

Kim Dalton, Director of ABC TV said, “The free-to-air TV landscape this year is hardly recognisable from even just 12 months ago. I’m delighted that ABC TV has been able to grow its audience in this tough environment, and in fact, has been at the forefront of this revolution.

“Come December 4, even more viewers are set to come on board with the launch of the new kids’ channel, ABC3.”

Top 6 Programs on ABC1:

5 Cities
Spicks and Specks – 27th May (1.6 million; 32.5% FTA Share)
The Chaser’s War on Everything – 27th May (1.5 million; 32.1% FTA Share)
Midsomer Murders – 4th October (1.5 million; 31.2% FTA Share)
The Gruen Transfer – 20th May (1.3 million; 26.1% FTA Share)
New Tricks – 13th June (1.3 million; 31.2% FTA Share)
Australian Story – 22nd June (1.3 million; 24.7% FTA Share)

Top Programs on ABC1 by City
Sydney – The Chaser’s War on Everything – 27th May (514,000; 34.9% FTA Share)
Melbourne – Spicks and Specks – 5th August (493,000; 33.3% FTA Share)
Brisbane – Spicks and Specks – 27th May (294,000; 33.0% FTA Share)
Adelaide – Midsomer Murders – 30th August (179,000; 33.5% FTA Share)
Perth – Midsomer Murders – 4th October (210,000; 35.8% FTA Share)

So well done to the ABC. It’s the perfect time to give this old 1994 clip from The Late Show a run. They’re such good sports, I know they won’t mind….


  1. Great clip, classic show. Proof that Australia can produce good comedy.

    Enough with the hair comedians, the Gervais rip offs & the ockers that dominate our screens these days, bring back some real comedy.

  2. tasmanian devil

    In Tasmania, believe it or not, ABC regularly comes in second place. Too bad the rest of Australia doesn’t appreciate our best television network as much.

  3. nic, The Late Show was on ABC, by memory around 10pm on a Sat night. Only the ABC would allow one of its own shows to poke fun at it. Love it!
    Why cant Australia do sketch comedy well anymore? The Late Show and Fast Forward used to be 2 of my few must watch tv shows.

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