Xmas repeats on TEN

haxmasMissed them the first time around?

Relax they’re getting a rerun over Xmas on TEN.

Rove Presents Hamish & Andy Regifted, Another Very Early Christmas Special 8:30pm Sunday December 20th
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation Christmas Special 7:30pm Thursday December 24th

oh and….

Movie: About A Boy 9:30pm Sunday December 20th. Bite my lip, bite my lip….


  1. Does this mean David, that the TBYG Xmas Special will be going head to head with Carols By Candlelight. Interesting to see how it goes against it. Also won’t they have to rename the Hamish & Andy special given it won’t be another very early christmas special when it airs this time.

  2. The ’10’ in channel 10 isn’t referring to the channel it is on in the capitals, thats just a coincidence. The ’10’ refers to how many movies they have in their collection, and how many times each year they play said movies.

  3. OMG! About A Boy….. Really…..? I mean… Really!
    That cracked me up big time.
    We seriously need a list of movies for Ten, and count the times they play them each year.
    I noticed that Nine played The Pursuit of Happiness on Friday night, even though it was on a Sundy Night two months earlier.

  4. “About A Boy” – Again? What’s this? The 34th repeat of this film in 5 years?
    And the FTA networks wonder why people are giving up on them.

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