24 update

Hold on 24 fans. The new series of 24 will be with us in the week of January 31st.

An amendment from Seven last week indicates that 24 will not be screening as hoped in the week of January 24th.


Instead the channel will air double episodes of Ugly Betty at 7:30pm and Shark at 9:30pm. The latter also screens on Wednesday and concludes the series on Thursday 28th. Inside Maximum Security will also air at 8:30pm Wednesday.

TV Tonight understands 24‘s premiere is slated for the week of January 31st for 7TWO.

The eighth season of the Kiefer Sutherland thriller set in New York City returns in the US today with a 2 hr special and another 2 hrs tomorrow.

The Sopranos was also due to begin replaying on 7TWO but has now been pushed back to a date yet to be advised.

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  1. Sorry Belinda you are right I should of had a look at the FutonCritic in the first place however if they do play 2 episodes on the Tuesday and 2 on the Wednesday then another double episode the following week everything should work out ok hopefully for fans.

  2. Who cares what they do in the US atleast the show is still going to air it is not like it has been pulled indefinitely and like I said they will probably air the first 4 episodes in that week anyway so you won’t be that far behind and besides there probably be a week or 2 break in the US like there usually is so everything works out anyway.

  3. @ Stephen H, 1 week is a long time to wait if you’re dedicated. It’s even longer when you know they’ve already screened the first 2 episodes in the US.

    I don’t think I could wait a second more for the final season of Lost!

  4. It seems like they want to finish episodes of Shark and The Unit off first then move onto shows like Lost and 24 though they should of stated this in the first place however atleast program guides should have these changes as they are not last minute like some of the schedule changes on other channels. Also do people really need to watch 24 by other means just because it is going to be delayed by 1 week? I mean if it was postponed indefinitely I could understand but 1 week?

  5. Even after advertising the 26 Jan as the premiere? Really disappointing that even with a second channel they are still treating viewers wiith such contempt. I’m sure there will be shock too that numbers are down because of people watching it by “other” means.

    Any bets when Lost will be shown…March/ April?

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