7PM Project no longer 11PM Project

TEN has changed plans to repeat The 7PM Project late nights once official ratings resume.

From Monday February 8th, the show will only air once per weeknight at 7pm.

Letterman will resume following TEN News with Sports Tonight at varying start times, between 11:15pm and midnight.

TEN’s summer late night repeats of 7PM were always a part of its strategy to win more followers for the show, and it will be hoping it has picked some up, who can now be channelled into the single broadcast.


  1. jacqueline petrucci

    29th June 2010
    I was floored to hear some bloke say something about Christians being
    “… those with an imaginary friend.”
    I have a Friend and I would recommend Him to everyone.
    No, politics and religion do not mix, as the Bible says.
    Yet, we all need a little love in our hearts. God is Love.
    What is missing in our world is recognition of our spiritual side.
    We are more than mortal beings.
    It was that man’s choice (free-will) to choose his way. Too bad.

  2. Thankyou! Finally, somebody at TEN finally realizes that 7pm Project is garbage and that Letterman is easily the best late night show host in the world atm.

  3. They can always start giving the option to view each night’s show commercial free, on Ten’s website, which isn’t being done. The same should be done with Good News Week, so one doesn’t have to put up with 30 minutes of ads.

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