Airdate: Durham County

Critically-acclaimed Canadian drama Durham County is about to get a run on ABC2.

The 6 part drama, which has already aired on Pay TV in Australia, stars Hugh Dillon as Toronto Detective Mike Sweeney who moves his family to suburban Durham County to start over after his partner is killed and his wife Audrey is diagnosed with breast cancer. But he soon discovers that his neighbour and childhood nemesis may be the killer.

This award-winning Canadian drama also stars Australian actress Hélène Joy (Water Rats, Stingers) as Audrey Sweeney.

They say there’s only six degrees of separation between you and the rest of the world. Sometimes it’s not even that many. Sometimes the most brutal evil you can imagine is already part of your world.

Durham County is an emotionally powerful six-part series that centres on Detective Mike Sweeney (Hugh Dillon – Flashpoint) and his family as they move from the city to a seemingly idyllic suburb in the hope of making a new start. But the appearance of a local serial killer sees Mike assigned to the case and become increasingly suspicious that his new neighbour Ray Prager (Justin Louis – Missing; Dawn Of The Dead) may be the killer.

Mike and Ray share a history stretching back as far as high school… a history that could have deadly consequences.

In episode one, Police Detective Mike Sweeney moves his family to Durham County after his partner is murdered. The quiet life he’d envisioned is soon disrupted by the savage murders of two teenage girls and a dark rival from his high school past – his neighbour, Ray Prager.

It premieres 8:35pm Tuesday February 2nd on ABC2.


  1. Apparently there’s a third season as well although they replaced one of the main characters in season 2 with a completely different actor? Wonder how they pulled that off…

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