Airdate: Marilyn, Last Sessions

SBS will air Marilyn, Last Sessions, a documentary based on tapes of Marilyn Monroe made during psychoanalysis sessions in the months prior to her death.

From January 1960 to August 1962, Monroe turned to psychoanalyst Ralph Greenson for help with everything from getting up in the morning to career advice. He made it his mission to protect Monroe, but ended up being one of the last to see her alive on August 5, 1962.

While the tapes no longer exist, John Miner, a former Los Angeles County prosecutor who investigated her death and interviewed the psychiatrist, claims they were played to him, and that he took “extensive” and “nearly verbatim” notes on condition that he never reveal their contents. But he broke the promise years after Greenson’s death, and released the transcript when some Monroe biographers suggested the psychiatrist might be considered a suspect in her death.

Presenting exceptional archival footage of Marilyn Monroe, this documentary features individuals who loomed large in her life, including directors George Cukor and John Huston, and writers Truman Capote and Arthur Miller, as well as the Kennedys and CIA and FBI operatives.

Marilyn, Last Sessions is adapted from Michel Schneider’s book, Marilyn, Last Sessions (Interallie Prize 2006 – Grasset), published in 20 countries in 2008. It is directed by Patrick Jeudy and produced by Film D’Ici in France, which also produced the Golden Globe award-winning and Oscar-nominated animated documentary Waltz with Bashir, recently seen on SBS ONE.

Marilyn, Last Sessions airs Tuesday, 2 February at 10.00pm on SBS ONE.


  1. Marilyn Monroes dialog in this documentary has nothing to do with her sessions with Ralph Greenson. They are taken from an interview made by Georges Belmont, chiefeditor of Marie Claire.

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