Airdate: Obama’s America

Obama’s America, is a two-part BBC series marking President Barack Obama’s first year in office, which screens in the UK on January 12th.

SBS will rush this documentary to air seven days later, on January 19th and 26th at 7.30pm.

On inauguration day 2009, the new president studied the “gathering clouds and raging storms” that threatened his nation and declared unequivocally, “we are in the midst of a crisis.”

A year on as President Obama wrestles with a daunting array of challenges on the world stage and a reeling economy at home, historian Simon Schama looks to American history to understand what is at stake and what the future might hold.

Inspired by the President’s own keen sense of history, the series weaves current policy debates into a wider historical narrative and examine the enduring themes of American history, evoking voices from the nation’s past that might guide the current administration in its mission to create a better future.

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  1. I guess SBS1 had to fast-track this because of the up-to-date information this documentary will provide? BBC might not have finished editing this yet either…

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