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sooAre you ready to revisit the idea of Jason Priestley on your TV screen? If so, Side Order of Life starts on GO! this Thursday night.

In truth the former 90210 star is one of 4 principals in the 2007 series from the Lifetime Network (that’s the female-friendly channel that aired Drop Dead Diva).

Starring Marisa Coughlan (Boston Legal), Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210), Diana-Maria Riva (Sunset Strip) and Christopher Gartin (True Blood) the show’s tagline is “Someone’s gotta save her, from her picture perfect life.”

That someone is Jenny McIntyre (Coughlan), a 30-year-old photographer who reconsiders her life and is reawakened to her options after her best friend, Vivy Porter (Diana-Maria Riva), is diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer.

The show received mostly positive reviews, but on the same day it was selected for an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Honors award for groundbreaking work, Lifetime cancelled the series. Many survivors and families of cancer victims were upset by the decision not to proceed to a second series.

Side Order of Life is a quirky, thought-provoking comedy drama about that moment in your life when the universe gives you a wake-up call.

For 30-year-old photographer Jenny McIntyre (Coughlan) life is about to get very real when the illness of her closest friend, Vivy (Riva), provides Jenny with a new clarity and an extraordinary outlook on life.

Talented and ambitious, Jenny is initially focused on the superficial, having planned her upcoming wedding to Ian Denison (Priestley) down to every last detail. But after Vivy’s unexpected news she causes Jenny to re-evaluate her priorities.

Jenny finds herself with the ability to make connections through the lens of her camera that were never before possible – connections that ultimately lead her to see things that are not clear to others. But will it also help her to put her own life together?

It premieres Thursday, January 7 at 8.30pm on GO!

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