Airdate: Sleuth 101

Can Dave O'Neill solve the murder of Bill Quinn, aka John Wood, in Cal Wilson's new whodunit comedy series?

Budding detectives may want to cast a look the ABC’s way next month when Sleuth 101 debuts. Part game show, part comedy, part improvisation, it is hosted by Cal Wilson and sees celebrities attempting to solve whodunit mysteries.

In the first episode, Dave O’Neil will solve a murder that sees John Wood as Bill Quinn, a family man who is hated by his family and with good reason. Bill gets killed on Christmas Day, smothered by the stomach padding of his Santa suit. It also features Robyn Butler, Denise Drysdale, Nicola Parry and Dave Lawson.

Coming up in the series are Detectives Frank Woodley, Hamish Blake, Julia Morris, Adam Richard, Peter Rowsthorn, Claire Hooper and Colin Lane.

Each week Cal is joined by a special guest comedian, who is given a crash course in criminology. Their task, to solve a murder in front of a live studio audience, but what sort of detective will they be? With styles and techniques that will test even the most hardened criminal, our guest detectives have no script, they rely on witness interviews, footage flashbacks, forensic evidence and their own observations.

Breathing life into the murder scenarios, are a trusty band of suspects and victims. Over the eight episodes, John Wood, Samuel Johnson, Mark Mitchell, Caroline Craig and Kimberley Davis play some of the victims. While Robyn Butler, Alan Brough, Denise Drysdale, Steve Bastoni, Leah Vandenberg and Nicholas Bell play some of the suspects. Sleuth 101 also proves that murder can take place in any setting at anytime including, a reality cooking show, a hair salon, during late night radio, in an art class or at Christmas lunch.

Rounding out each episode and in homage to the classic murder mysteries, the suspects all return to the scene of the crime, where our novice detective will make their accusation, but will they be right?

Sleuth 101 premieres 8pm Friday February 12 on ABC1.

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  1. Sleuth is a great concept, but everything I’ve seen about the execution – especially Cal Wilson and Dave O’Neill – looks a bit bland. Still, I do wish it a better timeslot than Friday, but maybe they’re trying to tie it to the Midsommer Murders demographic?

  2. Sorry, Scott. But I think ABC2 has moved on from simply being a time-shifted ABC1. I’m glad they’ve got their own programming now. Replays are just a waste of space with iView around now.

  3. I can’t believe they are putting this on at 8pm friday.. I am sure to forget about it!

    I agree with Dyan, please put it on after Spicks and Specks and you have Wednesday night all locked up ABC!

    Or at least put a replay on ABC2 at a decent time …….

  4. Yes I remember Whodunnit as well Gavin, was a great show.

    Also not forgetting Cluedo which was on Ch 9 in the early 90’s as hosted by Ian McFadden.

    Seems an idea can be new if recycled every other decade!!!

  5. Some potential here for sure but Julia Morris? How does this completely unfunny woman keep getting gigs?

    Agreed it would be better midweek ,Collectors should have remained in the fri 8pm slot.

  6. Gosh, this sounds very much like the British TV series from the 1970’s “Whodunnit” ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/series/31121 which I remember watching as a child. I guess it’s never too late to revive a good format!

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