Airdate: The Australian of the Year 2010

Nine will again screen a special on the Australian of the Year.

PM Kevin Rudd will join hosts Lisa Wilkinson & Karl Stefanovic for the 50th Awards which also includes Young Australian of the Year, Local Hero and Senior Australian of the Year.

It wil air at 10:30pm Monday January 25th. The one hour special is not live to air.

Nor will a network be airing the Australia Day Concert the following day which features Bob Evans, Evermore, Hayley Warner, Bertie Blackman, Cassie Davis and Ian Moss on the lawns of Parliament House.


  1. Suzanne Marshall

    Australian of the year should be Pastor Graham Long of the Wayside Chapel who works non stop for the homeless, drug addicts and underprivileged and makes sure they have food and clothing and finds accommodation. A most wonderful man very few like him in this Country

  2. I have to say it:

    The hypocrisy of Rudd celebrating Australia day while at the same time mandating Internet censorship is blinding and insulting to those who fought for the freedoms we enjoy.

  3. @John TV, I agree, the concert doesn’t work. It should but it doesnt.

    And I will only watch if Karl promises to be pi**ed because that’s when he is at his best.

  4. Glad that Nine is not screening the Australia Day Concert – it is quite embarrassing to watch about a dozen people in the audience sitting at the concert or the PM trying to be hip and cool but really coming across as a daggy uncle.

    That concert has no feel or energy and was forced to be covered by TEN and Nine as part of their contract for Australian of the Year awards.

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