Axed: Ugly Betty

Poor Betty Suarez.

ABC is to end Ugly Betty with the current fourth season.

A statement declares: “We’ve mutually come to the difficult decision to make this Ugly Betty’s final season, and are announcing now as we want to allow the show ample time to write a satisfying conclusion. We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series, and felt it was important to give the fans a proper farewell.”

The future for the show has been in peril some time, but at least notice gives the show the chance to turn Betty from the ugly duckling to a princess -a plot we’ve all expected.

ABC shifted the dramedy around its schedule, but it hasn’t managed to perform.

Even in Australia the show was a ratings saviour, leading Seven’s “Beautiful Sunday” line-up. But after two seasons it was struggling, moved to summer and taken off air. It has currently been screened on 7TWO.

14 episodes of S4 have aired in the US.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Shame it has been axed, Have the first two seasons on dvd and watching season 3 on 7Two. I think it was a combination of bad writing of season two (although it was still good) and the decision to change it’s time slots by ABC. But nonetheless it’s still a great show and can’t wait to grab season 3 on DVD later on in the year if it ever comes out here in Australia.

  2. Nooo! This is the worst news! How can they keep [email protected] like Modern Family, but cancel this? Season 4 has been brilliant, funny and well written. I have enjoyed every episode. The addition of Adam Rodrigues (sp?) has been really good, he fits in well.
    I doubt any other network would pick it up sadly.
    I guess it is better to end on a high than die a slow and painful death like One Tree Hill, Smallville, Heroes, and Prison Break.

  3. I really doubt Betty will *turn* beautiful by the end of the series – because she *already* is beautiful for being just who she is. It would be too predictable for Betty to go braceless, get some fashion sense and a hair makeover by the finale – I very much doubt the writers would do that. I think they’ll just give her and her family a very happy ending, fall properly in love, but still be the same Betty we all know and love. At least that’s how it should end – by making her aesthetically beautiful would compromise the whole intention of the show – that to be different is totally OK and totally beautiful in many people’s eyes.

  4. Great show; shame to see it go. Probably one of my favourites, but I guess all shows need to end sometime and its a show that just can’t be dragged out for too long.

  5. Ugly Betty is one of my favourite shows (and one of few shows I watch on TV). I’ve just bought DVD sets of Seasons 1-3 during my recent holiday in Hong Kong (Region 3) so I can watch the series in my own time. Sad to hear the show has been axed, but the timeslot in the US (Thursday night, then Friday night) did not help. Can’t wait for the 4th and final season.

  6. The show was always much better suited to a 30 minute format and not a
    1 hour one and it’s extremely lucky it even got a 4th season. Alan Dale should’ve stayed with NCIS instead.

  7. i only started watching Ugly Betty with the current season showing on 7TWO and I’ve actually enjoyed it. Will be a shame to see it go it’s got a good mix of comedy and drama in it.

  8. Oh this is a shame but it isn’t suprising; I have started watching Season 4 but I have them all waiting and ready to go; or what has aired so far;

    Season 1 of this show was brilliant; Season 2 was a disappointment but in Season 3 it really hit its stride I think; apparently Season 4 is the best season its had. Looking forward to it.

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