Benidorm out?

bdUh oh. An amendment came through yesterday that indicates UK comedy Benidorm will no longer screen on Monday January 18th on 7TWO.

It has been replaced by Judge John Deed.

The series revolves around the world of package holidays and is set in the Spanish resort of the same name.

In fact Not Going Out is also, well, out. So are What a Carry One, Ramsay’s Boiling Point (if anybody cares).

The line-up is now:
7:30 Hearbeat
8:30 Judge John Deed
10:30 Infamous Assassinations
11:00 Forensic Investigators
12:00 Movie: Born to Kill (1947)

Updated: Benidorm is now also out Monday January 25th.


  1. are you ever going to show benidorm or do you want people to buy DVDs to watch and not your channel im fed up with having to watch crap on tv because the kids on holiday the main channels seem to think everybody else is wrong!!!
    and if you want to put the tennis on your main channel put the programs that you advertise on when you say.

  2. I care about Ramsay’s Boiling Point….. it could have been good to see even though its been repeated before….. There is no Mr Ramsay at all on TV at the moment I miss his outlandish ways. Where’s the UK F Word or some Hell’s Kitchen?

  3. Benidorm is the best British comedy in a very, very long time.

    It’s a cross between ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’, ‘Carry On’ and ‘Are You Being Served?’… good old fashioned suacy smut and it’s bloody funny.

    UKTV showed it ages ago, but if 7TWO aren’t going to show it, the DVD for all 3 series and the Special are available from and not too expensive.

  4. “Updated: Benidorm is now also out Monday January 25th.”

    Running an ad campaign for a new show, then taking the show off air before it’s even appeared. And free-to-air networks wonder why they are losing relevance with viewers who are turning to other outlets like pay-TV and internet downloads?

  5. Dear commercial television stations…
    There are still a few things that I used to watch on you that you haven’t screwed around with yet. Lift your game! I expect you to screw around with everything I watch. Move it, take it off halfway through, promise it then don’t deliver, show the episodes out of order. C’mon, it can’t be that hard to do to the remaining two or three shows what you have done to so many others.

  6. I’ve been waiting ages for this show and was dead excited when I saw the ‘sneak peeks’. On well, looks like I’m going to have to see this one elsewhere as well. What’s the point of making such changes on the digital channels, they’re hardly going to score a million viewers at this stage.
    While these channels are young why not try a new exciting strategy. (Viewer loyalty). Air what you say you going to and stick with new programmes and ‘grow’ an audience.
    Man, it’s hardly rocket science

  7. Why promote the hell out of what looks like a decent show, even so far as having the face of 7TWO, Tom Williams, showing a sneak peek if the full peek never comes!

    Are they holding this off till ratings season maybe? I know a lot of my friends said this looked great…

  8. Dear me, I hadn’t ever heard of Benidorm until a day or two ago when I was implored by a promo of Tom Williams telling me to watch this excellent series. Talk about teases!

  9. Are Seven not learning anything from Nine’s random programming strategy? What is the point of this change especially as they’ve been advertising Benidorm this week as appearing on Monday

  10. Dissapointed, I love Not Going Out and was looking forward to this one, it looked really good…. and now they have changed their minds.. What on earth are they thinking? Idiots.

  11. *sigh* This is the second time they’ve killed Not Going Out… And why replace decent first-run shows with yet more repeats? What is wrong with these people?

    Do the programmers at 7 lack a sense of humour? (or is this their idea of one?) Surely with three stations they can slot the poor thing in somewhere?

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