Bumped: King of the Hill

khppMore changes at 7TWO will see King of the Hill shift from its planned return on Thursday January 28 to an earlier time of 7:30pm Sunday January 24.

It looks set to air two episodes each Sunday night beginning with “The Powder Puff Boys.”

The move pits the show against Wipeout on GO!

7TWO is also offering replays of key finale episodes of its biggest dramas before they return soon.

Grey’s Anatomy “Here’s To The Future / Now or Never” 8:30pm Sun Jan 24

Desperate Housewives “Marry Me a Little / Everybody Says Don’t / If It’s Only In Your Head” 8:30 Fri Jan 29

Brothers and Sisters “Julia / Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off / Mexico” 8:30pm Sat Jan 30

Finally from 7pm Thu Jan 28 The Benny Hill Show airs in place of KOTH.


  1. @Brodie

    I’ve been seeing ads for Full House at 6:30, not 7…. i’m so confused.


    You got that right about the digital channels, so many last minute changes, the EPG are even incorrect most of the time. You’d think the networks could easily update a few lines of text for the EPG. Heck, i’ll take the job if no one else wants to do it.

  2. @Johnson: If the DVDs are anything to go by, Benny Hill has always been rated PG, and as long as it receives a “sexual references” warning prior to the programme (or whatever content the show may contain), its content shouldn’t be an issue, particularly since the amended ACMA guidelines allow PG rated programming to air at virtually any time on the digital exclusive channels.

  3. The Benny Hill Show – OMG! What utter garbage. This is something that I would expect to see on GO! along with Greenacres, Hogans Heroes, and all the other rubbish that is popping up on GO!
    What ever happened to Scrubs repeats on 7TWO. When the channel started, they continuously promoted double episodes on Fridays, and I think triple eps on Sundays. They should make this the 7pm show on 7TWO.
    I think we all expected the new digital channels to be treated as poorly as their main channels, and we are right.

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