Entertainment Tonight no longer tonight

GO! has deleted Entertainment Tonight from its nightly line-up.

GO! has deleted Entertainment Tonight from its nightly line-up.

The show was airing at 7pm weeknights but is replaced with reruns of Get Smart effective immediately.

At this stage it is still in schedule for mornings at 10:30am, but there could be another amendment coming.

The show still remains on Nine at 3pm weekdays.

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  1. This headline should have been called entertainment tonight reduces from 7 screenings a day to 6 !
    1.go! – no longer
    2.channel 9 -3pm
    3.channel 9 – 1 am rerun – (whenever it suits them)
    4.arena -8am
    5.arena+2 10am
    6.arena -midnight
    7.arena +2 2am
    and then there is et weekend edition ……….

  2. I wonder why GO! took ET off at 7pm maybe because it was rating better than “two & a half men” repeats on channel 9 at the same time !!

    Would be good to see sitcoms like “Good Times”, Welcome back Kotter”, “Giligans Island” be shown at 7pm.

  3. This is somewhat unrelated, but anyway…

    Can someone explain to me why GO! has returned to the episodes of Frasier that they begain with back in September/October? After ending with the wedding episode, they’ve gone back 3 or 4 seasons. I don’t get why they didn’t continue on with the show.

  4. When GO! had ET on twice a day, I wondered why the WIN Network (including Nine Perth & Adelaide) & NBN bothered to find another place for it after 3pm when Alive & Cooking airs. The WIN branded stations would usually delete Nightline for ET & NBN would try to stick it where they could find a spare spot late at night. But with GO’s erratic programming of late, I guess I understand why now…

  5. Not that I watched ET but could they please replace it with something better?? I would love to see some 80’s sitcoms also.. Different Strokes, Perfect Strangers, The Facts Of Life, Growing Pains, Family Ties….. How about a different 80’s sitcom every night to keep it fresh. Programmers at GO! what are you doing??

  6. Bloody GO! and it’s runaway schedule… I realised they are new and sorting this out, but it’s getting anoying – and I’m yet to watch it much (until Foxtel comes online this week)…

    Having said all that – it’s _always_ good to see Get Smart on TV 🙂

  7. Tomothy hit both nails on the head, ET used to be a great source of inside information – I guess in a lot of ways it has been supplanted by the internet, so its morphed into a tabloid gossip show.

    Get Smart would have to be vying for the oldies (maybe kids who haven’t seen it) surely. When is somebody going to frakking rerun some great 80s sitcoms (OK so 7TWO is rerunning Full House but I said great!

  8. Nine Perth doesn’t air this, Not sure why, at least it still airs in the mornings on Go! for now. Looks like I will be pvring it.

    It sometimes airs at 4.30pm on Nine Perth when cricket finishes, but otherise we don’t get it down here. The 7pm slot was good, oh well at least I can still pvr it in the mornings.

  9. I actually really liked Go when it started it had a whole heap of shows I was interested in watching and seemed a genuine alternative. Now they keep taking them off and replacing them with old sitcoms most people have seen a thousand times. ET, Gossip Girl, The Hills are some of my favourite shows, yet they keep getting shuffled around and taken off. It reminds me of the old crap Optus tv channel which relied on Growing Pains, Full House and Step by Step except those would be much better than th ancient shows getting a run on Go.

  10. It’s on Nine at 3pm when the cricket is not on. Nine no longer repeat it late night, so if ET is not on due to cricket or some other sport it is too bad. GO at 7pm was your back up. Now nothing until next day unless you have Pay TV and get it off Arena at 6pm.

  11. I havent like ET for over 10 years. It used to be about entertainment, like interviews with stars, previews, set visits and such. Now it is about no names getting liposuction, and has-been celebrities suffering from depression. They also have these lame segment names like “stage 22” what is that?
    Get Smart?? Really, since when did this turn from a youth orientated channel to a over 50’s channel?

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