Girl talk set for TEN’s new Circle

Denise Drysdale, Chrissie Swan, Yumi Stynes and Gorgi Coghlan will front TEN's new 10am morning show, The Circle.

Denise Drysdale, Chrissie Swan, Yumi Stynes and Gorgi Coghlan will front TEN’s new morning show, The Circle.

The weekday show will air live at 10-12am weekdays following a one hour news service, beginning Tuesday February 9th.

As first revealed by TV Tonight in early December, the female panel show is being produced by former Hey Hey its Saturday producer, Pam Barnes.

Filmed in front of a studio audience, The Circle will feature a fifth guest panellist will join the 4 women each day. The show will incorporate email, Skype, live crosses, studio audience comments and even ‘old fashioned phone calls.’

TEN’s chief programming officer, David Mott said: “I’m delighted to welcome Chrissie, Yumi, Gorgi and Denise to the TEN stable. Smart and bold, each of these women bring a unique set of experiences to The Circle and I’m certain Australian audiences will embrace their warmth and vibrant sense of fun.”

Producer Pam Barnes said: “I’m thrilled to be a part of this exciting new show. All the issues that affect our busy lifestyles will be addressed daily on The Circle by four great women who will share what’s going on in their lives and yours.”

The Circle follows the end of 9AM with David and Kim after four years, but retains the network’s advertorial revenue.

TEN News which currently screens at 11am will move to 9am as part of the new line-up.

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  1. I love watching the American show ‘The View’ on Foxtel…if you look at that show though, all the women have great careers outside of the show…these women set to appear in this Australian ‘rip-off’ though don’t seem to have done anything noteworthy or be particularly likeable…who cast this? Seriously.

  2. So many negative comments on a show that has not even aired,leave your judgements to after the show has aired,but so sad that people dont want aussie talent on our screens,what do they want american crap on our australian screens 24/7.

  3. “fail” and “epic fail” are fast becoming lame people. At least backup your negative comments with some sort of meaningful argument. The fact that people are insulting a show they havent even seen yet clearly shows they have some sort of bias or hidden agenda.

  4. Who will host TEN News at 9am? Will that be able to even come close to holding a female lead for this new show? Seven and Nine get right into it at 9am, but TEN might be lagging with news that’s already been flogged by Sunrise and Today.

    What about this hypothetical. What if TEN ran drama repeats with advertorials inside?
    ie: 9:00am – Neighbours Classic (90’s eps)
    9:30am – Secret Life of Us (maybe needs a bit of censoring)
    10:30am – Crash Burn
    11:30am – News

    or 9:00am – State Coroner
    10:00am – Heartbreak High
    11:00am – Echo Beach
    11:30am – TEN News

    Surely this is cheaper than a pov Catch Up clone.

  5. For those of you who have given their negative and empty opinions, how can you be so judgemental and make such assumptions about something you’ve never seen or know very little about. Do any of you stop to think about the fact these are human beings, with honest jobs, just giving it a go, and could do with a little encouragement and support? If you’ve got nothing nice to say, maybe it’s best you say nothing at all – and if you don’t like it, change the channel.

  6. Isnt the circle just ten’s version of the view which airs on nine at 1pm every day? Why bother? Major Fail ten, and not just on this but on your american import shows too putting them on at 1am you know what I’m talkin bout.

  7. Sounds like another catch-up… Can’t see it lasting. But I hope it does. Cos Denise Drysdale is funny and legendary. I can’t see how ratings are going to be any better, there is still no real lead in from early morning. Is the Early News scrapped or what? 6am, then 9am then a huge gap to 5pm. I just can’t see this working.

  8. Nick, “Girl Talk” either is or was (not sure if it’s still on or not) a teenage girl show on Channel 7 – so they wouldn’t be able to get the name due to intellectual property rights etc.

  9. @nick: Girl talk sounds like a show aimed at pre-teens and teens, airining at 4pm on Nine.

    For the record, the circle isn’t a great name choice either. Why not just call it ‘The View: In AU’ seeing as that’s what it is.

  10. Denise back on tv.Yippee!!Love her.Chrissie should be great too.The other 2 i don’t know.Could do with a Prue McSween i think.Will give it a go now i know DD is part of the show.She’s a hoot when she’s on Spicks.In fact sh’e always been a hoot.Met her some 25 years ago & she was just as she is on tv,lovely.

  11. Wow, so good to see Chrisse Swan back, i love her in BB and have seen her on tv a bit since and she has a wonderful, insightful view on the world. I hope that the Ad’s don”t take over the show…

  12. I like the mix of ages and backgrounds – one of the reasons that The View and the Uk’s Loose Women works so well!! Do we need it? Yes if it offers a different style to the other two channels. I am sick of turning on the television at that time and being confronted by the same show on three channels. Leading in with the news is good but I’m still perplexed as to who they think will watch at that time?? Although at least, if you are a working mum or working from home, you will be back from the school run to watch it by 10am!!!

  13. I have a crazy feeling that this could actually work, weird I know but if they don’t do get it bedded in early then it could start to unravel fairly quickly.

    Who knows, if this does happen to fail, why not move the 7pm Project to 10am 🙂

    They really screwed up by letting Poh end up at the ABC, she could’ve been great on a show like this, and maybe even Cindy Pan too.

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