Good Wife, good Sundays

There is apparently a bus campaign on the go at the moment that promotes The Good Wife as 8:30pm Sundays on TEN.

While it won’t be happening on January 31st, there’s every possibility it could be in place by February 7th.

That would presumably leave TEN’s Sunday line-up looking like:

6:30pm The Biggest Loser
7:30pm Talkin’ ‘ Bout Your Generation (amended)
8:30pm The Good Wife
9:30pm House

….which is a pretty strong line-up.

Update: Now confirmed from Feb 7.


  1. @ Danness and Jerome

    You’re both correct. Danness, 12m viewers means that it’s around the 18th most watched show, topped by shows like CSI franchise, dancing with the stars and Sunday night NFL. Jerome, it’s 18-49 rating is around 3, I don’t think it’s dipped under 2.7. The thing about The Good Wife is that it’s the best 10pm show debut in a long time, the last big 10pm debut hit was Grey’s and that was like 6 years ago.

    Ultimately what matters to networks is the 18-49 rating, so **hypothetically** a show with 15m viewers with a 3 rating, will have less chance at renewal than a show with 10m viewers and a 4 rating, because the more 18-49 viewers there are, the more advertising revenue a network can generate.

    This article should explain it all

    The Good Wife is on CBS, the top network in US. If it were on any of the other “Big Four” networks, with the same figures it would’ve been renewed before November sweeps came round. I guess the fact that Good Wife hasn’t dropped much since it’s premiere is what got it renewed, if you see all the other big debuts this season, V, FlashForward, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Glee, they’ve all had big pilot viewings, but once they settled in, their true colours became evident, and they’ve all lost at least 20% of their pilot viewers, Good Wife has lost like 5?

  2. Moving house from Wednesday to Sunday 9:30pm will not work. House is better at 8:30pm Wednesdays. I bet TEN will move House after 3 weeks as ratings for sunday night 9:30pm will not be as big as they were on a Wednesday.

  3. So TENs Tues will be 7PM, TBL, Bondi Rescue, new NCIS – strong. (Except 7PM of course.) Im tipping Dance to be on either Monday or Thursday, probably Monday.

  4. Jerome, I’m not sure where you’re getting your info. The Good Wife’s ratings have never dropped below 12 million, and generally tend to be between 13-14 million. It has consistently won it’s timeslot in the US.

    It’ll be interesting to see where SYTYCD will be scheduled. I’m guessing they’ll do Wednesday/Thursday like they do in America.

  5. Yeah seen a bus yesterday at Wynyard with the ad on it .

    It said 8.30pm Sunday Feb 7.

    Agree with you David, strong lineup, but what will they do when SYTYCD goes longer? Why can’t they move SYTYCD to another night? I mean, why do Ten always schedule their reality shows for Sunday? Didn’t payoff for Idol did it???

  6. I heard that Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation would move to 7:30 Sundays on February 7 and So You Think You Can Dance Australia would move to a timeslot mid-week.

  7. i don’t think it’s very strong. The good Wife is more of a weekday 9:30 show

    it struggles in the US only getting a 2.5-3 at 10:00, one of CBS’s ONE of CBS’s weakest 10:00 shows. and ten is putting it int the biggest timeslot of the week? i’m sure it will premier well because the promos are good same way it did in the US, but as soon as the promotion wears thin and the competitions takes off (which could include underbelly) i don’t think it has much of a chance.

  8. There is a huge billboard along a highway in Melbourne I’ve seen for Channel 10’s Sunday lineup as being: 6:30pm Biggest Loser and 7:30pm Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

    I think channel 10 are planning to move SYTYCD to a mid-week slot

  9. David i was a billbord yesterday advertising Loser for 6.30 and Talking about Your Gen for 7:30 Sunday. So it looks like its gonna be

    6.30 Loser
    7.30 Generation
    8.30 The Good Wife
    9.30 House

    Personally i think House would do better out of generation, purely because of how well it use to do out of Thank God You’re Here

  10. An article on page 11 of today’s Herald Sun says Ten’s new Sunday night line-up will be:
    6.30pm The Biggest Loser
    7.30pm Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
    8.30pm The Good Wife
    9.30pm House

    Which means TBYG will be moved from its old timeslot of Tuesday nights to Sundays, and So You Think You Can Dance to midweek.

  11. Hi David

    There’s a massive billboard near Holmesglen station that has Loser at 6.30 and then Talkin’ Bout Your Generation at 7.30 on Sundays…

    Which made me think that Dance was on at 8.30… but maybe not…

    So if the Good Wife is on at 8.30 – where is Dance going to fit?


  12. Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation has also been confirmed for 7.30pm Sunday via a billboard…so the lineup would be 6.30pm Biggest Loser, 7.30pm Your Gen, 8.30pm Good Wife, 9.30pm House.

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