Mick Molloy joins Nine’s Olympic team

It’s a case of third time (un)lucky for Mick Molloy, teaming up with Channel Nine for its Winter Olympics broadcast.

Twice his shows have been dumped by Nine: The Mick Molloy Show in 1999 and The Nation in 2007. During the former he infamously urinated on the set.

But Molloy will join Eddie McGuire during Nine’s prime-time highlights broadcast, Vancouver Gold.

He is the second member of TEN’s Before the Game to be appearing on a rival network, after Peter Helliar was announced as joining Seven this year.

In 2009 Molloy starred in The Jesters which has a second season approved by Movie Extra.

He has also reportedly explored a new sports panel show format Between the Lines alongside Eddie McGuire and Rachael Finch.

And then there was this golden moment….


  1. Channel Nine are crazy..Mick Malloy is the most drab unfunny bloke. Tarnishes the whole mood for the viewer seeing him pathetically rip into athletes. The only funny part is how s#%^ the segments are.

  2. Last night was excruciating to watch. As minute after minute after minute dragged by I could only wonder at what actual Olympic event was spooling onto the cutting room floor to make way for MM and EMcG’s inane drivel.

    The dedication to MM on ice was tedious – I could not believe how much broadcast time was devoted to this pretense at understanding Canada’s ice hockey tradition.

    The Winter Olympics is a once-in-four-years event. The world’s champions are out there doing their thing and it won’t happen again until 2014. What is Molloy doing on our screens during this time? Regardless of one’s opinion of Molloy as an entertainer, he has no place in the coverage of an Olympics.

    Are EMcG and MM trying to pick up where Roy and HG left off? If so they fall sadly short of their mark.

    And to finish? Their highlights package of Johnny W’s performance. Triple axel? Spin? Footwork? No – I hardly need to describe the aspects that had MM and EMcG sniggering like 11 year olds. We can all see the humour and wit in Johnny’s flamboyance. We get it. Johnny gets it better than any of us. I don’t think that our tv hosts get it at all.

  3. Unfortunately Mick Malloy had to waste time making homophobic
    comments last night and waste more time apologising for the same
    style of commentary on the previous night, meanwhile we would all like
    to watch real winners at the olympics, not unfunny losers like Mr Malloy.
    Seeing him doing a segment about ice hockey violence was even more insulting,
    when does channel 9 get the message that this is not an extension
    of a current affair or today but actual sporting coverage.

  4. Their continual homophobic inuendo has convinced me to pay for the Foxtel coverage.. Seriously these two clowns should be barred off television.
    Shame on your Channel 9.

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