Morning chat yet to come full Circle

Max Music VJ Yumi Stynes (pictured), former Big Brother housemate Chrissie Swan, Anne Marie Biggar, Anne Fulwood and even Kim Watkins are some of the names who have supposedly been approached to front TEN’s new morning chat show, believed to be called The Circle.

The show is in pre-production as a replacement for 9AM with David and Kim -although nothing has been confirmed by the network.

As revealed last month by TV Tonight, TEN is looking at a panel-style show to replace the former morning show, to be produced by Pam Barnes. At stake is $11m worth of advertorials for the network. The show is said to even be considering ‘entertainment-style’ advertorials.

But according to the Daily Telegraph, it is yet to sign any talent.

“The problem is the show would include a lot of infomercials and it’s hard to see the calibre of guests and profile of the hosts being enough to come anywhere near matching The View,” one unnamed industry source told the newspaper.

I wouldn’t be quite so pessimistic. Australia is yet to cancel any TV show because it doesn’t have hosts waiting in the wings. This is television. There will always be hands waving…

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. The ladies on “The View” do it best.
    I can guarantee if someone tries that here, it won’t work!
    And seriously, who wants to watch that early morning?! Not me!

    All they need to do is find one host to have a show like GMA.
    That seemed to work, and they didn’t mind the advertorials! (sp??)

    And please, could someone, pretty please get rid of the 7pm Report!
    It’s terrible!!

  2. The Morning Show is appalling and is only watchable due to Larry Emdur. Morning with Kerri-Anne is only slightly better and while no-one beats the KAKster I would like to see how TEN’s supposed panel show pans out. Could not be any worse than TMS, which people watch in droves!

  3. Maybe 10 have learnt from the mistakes that have been made before a la The Catchup…. If the show has good production values and a good panel then it definitely could work. Look at the alternatives 9 and 7 give us…

    While I don’t mind a bit of KAK in the morning it’s purely down to her being a good host and being able to have a laugh… her actual show is still pretty bad. As for The Morning Show its just a pale continuation of Sunrise.

    Well done 10 for offering something a bit “different” especially because of the small audiences that watch TV in the mornings.

  4. This show will be forced to have infomercials.. they bring in $11 Million per year to Ten.

    There’s no way that Ten would be able to make up for it with just advertising in the breaks, especially considering there’s a very minimal daytime audience, so slots go for chips.

    This does sound like a ‘The Catch-up’ ripoff. How does Ten expect to make it different? They’d be better off just selling the 9-11am slot to Danoz Direct or TVSN.

  5. Did someone say The Catchup?? (Shudders…vomits in mouth)

    The View is so much better, they may have one advertorial per day, but it’s done tastefully and not shoved down your throat.

    I am a guy that enhoys The View because of the personalities and the topics they discuss.

    Any Australian attempt at this will result in topics like “to work or not – what’s the best for new mothers”, ” generic or brand name products – what is the best for you and your family?” etc. We have seen all this before, numerous times. Over it!!

    Also, for some strange reason, Australian “celebrities” do not like to talk politics – i guess they don’t want to be seen to be left/right wing and segment their potential audience. This is another reason the show won’t last.

    I can bet that this will not last very long at all. I agree about the comment about intelligent women not having the time to watch this rubbish.

  6. @Andrew: I agree, give 9am back to the individual stations, with The Circle at 10am. Ian Skippen’s still kicking, in Brisbane radio, surely he’d have the time for a Living revival, the only downside would be KAK losing Emily Jade O’Keefe (The only O’Keefe Brisbane likes, and who works with Skippen on Triple M’s Breakfast shift…)

    As for the host of the shortlived NEW-10 effort, “Our Town”, where are you now…

  7. Do intelligent and busy women (the target market for shows like The View and Britain’s Loose Women) still have time to sit down and watch a show at that time of day (at least it isn’t in Mummy danger zone like the last attempt – The Catchup)? And if they do, do they want all that infomercial rubbish?? My vote is No!!

  8. What about the potential ‘Australia’s Oprah’ Naomi Robson? Beside her unaired pilot and one episode of The Morning Show, she has been absent from our screens.
    Is it going to at 9AM followed by the Morning News or at 10AM following the Morning News?
    It would be good to see Ann again as well as Kim.

  9. They could always get rid of infomercials. If they get panelists in of good calibre, they wouldn’t have to resort to using infomercials as they’re ratings would be high enough to counteract the need to use infomercials for advertising revenue.

    It looks like it would be chat about womens issues like The View. I hope Australians will be better than America and have at least one male on the panel because a male perspective on some of the issues would be interesting. Unfortunately it would be hard to find a male presenter in Australia who is good enough to fill such a position without being dumb or silly and whether the women are willing to include male opinion.

  10. Just reading this you know its got disaster written all over it.Anne Marie Biggar,are you serious???It did not work for 9 so why do 10 think think they’ve got the magic ingredient?Have they not learnt from The 7pm Project,which is unbelievably still on air??What is with the pens you guys?
    10 save yourselves & give people an alternative.Stop trying to compete & look outside the square.Your best bet is to grow up & produce a more serious news service without the fluff & male chauvanistic viewpoints,giggling reporters etc.And can i let you in on a little secret that would make it work for you….female reporters only.Thats your demographic.And yes i would love to see Kim Watkins back.

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