Renewals: NCIS: LA, The Good Wife

More good news for TEN's new international titles. Meanwhile, Parenthood, SVU & The Marriage Ref move into NBC to resolve Leno's timeslot.

Good news for TEN with CBS renewing both NCIS: Los Angeles and The Good Wife.

“Two great new series, fronted by talented stars on one big night of television,” said Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment. “We’re proud of these shows and what they’ve accomplished on Tuesday night.”

They will add to TEN’s new slate which has already seen Glee and Modern Family renewed.

Both NCIS: Los Angeles and The Good Wife, featuring Julianna Margulies, have enjoyed healthy ratings in the US.

Meanwhile, NBC has announced its replacements for the early-March, 10pm post-Jay Leno schedule which sees Law & Order (Mondays), Parenthood (Tuesdays), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Wednesdays), The Marriage Ref (Thursdays), Dateline (9pm Fridays). Who Do You Think You Are? and unaired Trauma will also form part of the new line-up earlier in the evenings.

These shows could now be reconsidered by Aussie programmers.

NBC is yet to clarify the outcome of its late-night Leno / Conan struggles.

Source:  TV Guide, Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Who would actually watch The Good Wife. Honestly, as a male, I can not think of a more boring, tedious and dull concept for a TV show.

    Some guy cheats on his wife, whoopdi friggen do, how riveting…and he happens to be a politician…mmm, who cares.

  2. If i see another preview, sneak peek or whatever marketing jargen they want to use of this movie, I will t6hrow a brick at the plasma. It hasnt even started and I am over it…………….stop thrashing the preview already!!!!!

  3. Neither here nor there on the NCIS:LA and Good Wife renewals. Watched the pilots of both and neither were interesting enough to continue watching for me.

    Airing behind The Biggest Loser, Parenthood may actually be in with a shot at finding an audience on NBC. Can’t see The Marriage Ref lasting very long though.

  4. Seen the first episode of The Good Wife (free DVD with Who mag this week) and it’s definitely worth watching. One of the shows I was looking forward to seeing and I’ll keep watching for sure.

  5. The Good Wife doesn’t look that bad so i’d consider watching it. But it depends on what it’s up against because most of the good shows i watch are on Seven, and it’s on Ten who i can just imagine will move timeslots and days after a few weeks.

  6. My new theory: NBC are stringing out the Leno/Conan “battle” for publicity. Get a huge following behind poor Conan. Leno already announced his retirement before he took this job so I think he will go peacefully. Draw it out as long as possible then Leno “graciously steps down” leaving Conan the victor with a bigger audience after the Olympics.

  7. The Good Wife is fantastic. TEN would be stupid to even play with this show i.e. move it to another time slot etc etc. Stick with it TEN, and let the audience watch a great show, and in the time slot planned.

  8. Let’s hope that 10 tries to launch The Good Wife out of NCIS, then once it generates a fanbase, The Good Wife can air at 8:30 and launch another show itself, the beauty of The Good Wife is that it has longetivity to it.

  9. I just read on the ETonline site that NBC planned to make Conan an offer he would not take, thus getting him out of his contract without firing him and being forced to payout millions. So it looks like Leno is back on the Tonight Show in it’s usual time slot and Conan is out.

    I can smell the lawyers lining up right now to sue NBC.

    As for the new line up to fill the 10pm slot there is a lot of L&O and the only show I’m interested in is Parenthood, hope Seven puts in on ASAP, maybe after Packed to the Rafters.

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