Report: Idol out for 2010

Channel TEN will reverse its decision to air Australian Idol this year according to a feature story in today's media.

Channel TEN will reverse its decision to air Australian Idol this year according to a feature story in today’s Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper claims the show will be “rested” this year despite it being announced as part of the network’s 2010 line-up.

“TEN is going to rest Australian Idol for 2010. They will make a decision towards the end of 2010 as to whether it will return in 2011,” an unnamed source said. “They have asked Fremantle for ideas on how to relaunch in 2011.”

Last year was Idol‘s softest year on record with Sunday night figures barely cracking the 1m margin.

1.47m viewers tuned in to see Stan Walker crowned the show’s winner, down from 1.6m in 2008. The show’s peak era was when Casey Donovan pipped Anthony Callea in 2004 when 3.34m tuned in.

In October Australian Idol was featured as part of the network’s 2010 Programme Launch. While there has already been speculation about who may or may not return as part of the Idol franchise, TEN has refused to comment on the report.

None of the judges have been renewed for the show yet.

In a poll on TV Tonight, 17% of readers voted to replace Jay Dee Springbett, 6% Marcia Hines and just 2% for Andew Gunsberg and 1% for Dicko.

But while 10% voted to get rid of them all, a whopping 63% voted to get rid of the show entirely.

Some readers have suggested a return to a rejuvenated X Factor, which allows for different groups rather than solo singers. Yesterday the Seven Network also announced the 4th season of Australia’s Got Talent.

The reality show has been a “tentpole” part of the network’s programming for seven years. The loss of Idol to TEN will create a major hole to the network’s Sunday programming, particularly after the added exit of Rove. Complicating matters, this year’s Commonwealth Games also falls in the middle of the traditional Idol season, but the boost from the Games may in turn become part of the solution to the network’s final quarter.

As MasterChef proved in replacing Big Brother, major change also brings opportunity. Could TEN move Junior MasterChef to Sundays to make up the difference?

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. Having had a read through, I reckon the following would work well:

    6:30 – Aussie Sitcom (or Your Gen, whichever suits)
    7:30 – UK X Factor/American Idol
    9:30 – WeekReview (Something like Newstopia)
    10:00 – Sunday Night Couch (Similar to Rove crossed with Sunday Night Project)

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