Search party out on Foxtel EPG

Foxtel’s A-Z Search function on its EPG hasn’t been working properly for some time.

Some readers are even suggesting it hasn’t worked since it was added to the EPG last November.

A Foxtel spokesperson has told TV Tonight, “Foxtel is aware of this issue and is looking at resolving via an automatic software update in the coming weeks.”

Some other readers have also notes some drop out issues with Series Links.

If you have had any issues lately let’s hear it….


  1. In addition to problems with the series link and search functions, I also have a problem with pay per view. When my screening starts, the information box stays at the bottom of the screen, blocking the bottom portion of the screen from view. Foxtel have asked me to ring them next time this happens, problem is that you can’t get through to them without first having the automatic reset which “forgets” that I have paid for a viewing which leaves me in the position I was in the first place – without having seen the movie I’ve paid for and back on the phone to customer service having to explain the situation an demanding a refund. What a joke!!!

  2. Foxtel has an almost total lack of regard for it’s paying customers, relegating us to “subscriber” status. I have had numerous conversations regarding glaring faults on the search functionality on the EPG, and also on the TV Guide (online EPG) on the website. (Got nowhere). Not just the A-Z, but the keyword searching is not working – e.g. genre search under sport for Rugby Union (or cricket, or league etc) does not yield all results on the TV screen. It only reads 3 days ahead but also now completely misses programming on certain channels on the same day of the search. It used to include Setanta lisings OK, but now sometimes doesn’t. Now the online EPG has an ad across the keyword field, rendering it unusable! Call the heldesk now, and you get an automated full reboot without asking for it, and no chance to talk to someone!!! Who is running that circus?? Search egnines are not rocket science, for God’s sake, and neither is customer service…

  3. Hopefully once they re-enable the search function it will actually search the full 14 days of the epg, whereas previously it only searched 2-3 days ahead… btw i have had problems with series links disappearing..

  4. It is a disgrace that the search function has been awol for a few months now. Anyone with an IQ box will use the search a lot to stagger what they record across the day so as to avoid clashes.

  5. I’ve been having series link dropouts and pixellation on recordings from day 1 with my iq2 (and it’s not reception, because my old digital box never pixellated once), but the series link dropouts have definitely increased over the last couple of months.

    I gave up and just integrated the foxtel into windows media center and got that to manage my recodings for me. It really is stupid that some channels don’t support series link at all, such as ESPN until recently. Then, they added it to ESPN, but not to ESPN HD… even when the same program is on both… go figure eh?

  6. A-Z search been out Way before the upgrade in Nov. It is the one function that I used daily; its disgusting that we can’t be compensated for this…

    I rang and tried to cancel my subscription cos I was So fed up of being told “we will fix it soon”.. but guess what .. the “cancellation” dept was closed.. so I couldn’t close my account…

    So they can continue to not give me the service I bought; and charge me full price..


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