Second serve for Come Dine with Me Australia

The LifeStyle Channel is wasting no time in approving a second season for Come Dine with Me Australia.

The greenlight was given before the first series even premiered last night.

James Valentine will return to narrate the series which sees home chefs hosting dinner parties in a battle for a cash prize. Season Two will air mid year.

Come Dine With Me Australia is not only exciting for foodies, it’s exciting for all Australians. It is a format that gives people recipes and takes them into everyday Aussie homes,” said Nicole Sheffield from The LifeStyle Channel.

The 20-part half-hour series will again be produced by Granada Media Australia who are already looking for people to take part.

You can check out for more info.

The show currently airs weeknights at 8.30pm on The LifeStyle Channel. The five contestants in this photo will appear in next week’s episodes.


  1. I liked the Aussie version.
    Only one episode, but it was off to a good start.
    I just wish James Valentine was more sarcastic like Dave Lamb from the UK version as his comments are absolute gold and make the show so much better.

  2. David this is off-topic but is there any indication from Seven as to what they intend to do with Come Dine With Me UK? Even if they put it on 7TWO surely it would be a suitable addition to their “kitchen time” programming block.

  3. I enjoyed last night, the host for the evening was such a typical bogan, which made great TV. I had to rewind a lot as we kept rubbishing her thoughout and missing what they said.
    I hope that this show is sold to the UK, I know a few Aussies over their who watch the UK version, and would like to check this out.

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