Seven 2010: Drama, factuals, epics and comedy

Seven finally confirms its 2010 titles including The Pacific, My Kitchen Rules, Cougar Town, ICU, The Marriage Ref, Damage Control, Hung and Royal Pains.

pcfThe Pacific, My Kitchen Rules, Cougar Town, ICU, The Marriage Ref, Damage Control, Hung and Royal Pains -just some of the new shows Seven has unveiled as part of its 2010 programming.

Following some time after announcements by opposition networks, Seven demonstrates another strong local slate, with several big international acquisitions. The titles may not be quite as lengthy as Nine’s promise for the year, but Seven has a good track record in delivering on its shows while some networks float titles that just never seem to eventuate (The Irwin Family’s Australia Zoo, Jingles, Undercover Boss, Little Mosque on the Prairie anyone?).

Admittedly, many of the year’s shows have already been announced: My Kitchen Rules features chefs Peter Evans and Manu Feildel. ICU looks at the Intensive Care Unit of Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital. Russell Crowe produces and narrates the sports-medical factual Damage Control. Hung gets a screening after its debut on Showcase. A host for The Marriage Ref is yet to be announced. Seven also picks up USA Network’s Royal Pains starring Mark Feuerstein as a young doctor who, after being wrongly blamed for a patient’s death, moves to the Hamptons and becomes the reluctant “doctor for hire” to the rich and famous.

In renewed local productions, Emily Symons is confirmed as returning to Home and Away as the ever-popular ‘Marilyn Chambers.’ Georgie Parker will make an appearance in City Homicide.

Axle Whitehead lands another series of World’s Strictest Parents, Corrine Grant gets more Airways and the provocative Gangs of Oz is also back for more.

2008’s Crash Investigation Unit returns for a second series (though it is unclear if Damian Walshe-Howling is back to narrate).

Dancing with the Stars (are there any stars left?) confirms the return of Daniel McPherson and Sonia Kruger.

Other renewed shows include Packed to the Rafters, Find my Family, RSPCA Animal Rescue, Surf Patrol, Medical Emergency, The Force, Highway Patrol, Border Security and Better Homes and Gardens.

Seven’s announcement doesn’t name all key shows including Today Tonight, Sunrise, The Morning Show or Sunday Night. Which means we can’t ascertain whether Australia’s Got Talent is in or out, despite assurances negotiations were advanced (if not, it could free up Red Symons for Hey Hey it’s Saturday). TV Burp isn’t named either. What of Thank God You’re Here?  And will It Takes Two ever return?

Lost, 24 and The Sopranos lead the offerings on 7TWO.

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  1. A lot more shows but 10s shows are better.for the younger crowd anyway..most of 7s are ordinary or mostly appeal to the 55+ demo. Nothing wrong with that except i like most under 50 prefer 10s hipper shows to 7s conservative and rather dull (with the exception of it’s excellent US shows like Bones and Castle) shows. TV Burp was a notable exception but it looks like it’s done.

  2. I think 7 will do very well for all these shows, its good to see hbo shows like hung on oz free to air tv, it seams like 7 has a lot more shows then 10 for example, its a bit dissapointing that 7two only has 3 shows listed, and I hope shows like 30 rock, family guy, american dad, how I meet your mother get early timeslots on 7 or 7two this year

  3. Question I would love answered by the Stokes Network…in 2010 will 7 still force AFL fans in Melb/Ade/Perth to sit through that suburban clusterf*** show Better Homes and Gardens for an hour every Friday night, despite 7Two now available to resolve this painful issue?

    1. Melb issue is usually AFL bound due to the gate. I can’t see them playing it in Perth 2 hrs earlier either. 7TWO can’t resolve AFL unless anti-siphoning changes. Even then all the sponsor money is on 7. I also don’t see BH&G going to 7TWO to sort this. I suspect they are pretty happy with their Friday line ups so at this stage the answer to your question is probably Yes.

  4. Re: Amazing Race – cancel my last comment, just saw it mentioned as coming back.

    Hope its fast tracked though, not like 2009 where we had to wait so long for season 14.

    Hope also 7TWO will play some of the older seasons especially since you can’t buy them on DVD anywhere.

  5. great line up for 7 in 2010 all the big shows returning and can’t wait for the pacific and city homicide and rafters as well as the new comedy couger town and the marriage ref here’s to a 4th year at the no.1 position for 2010!

  6. i can Not wait for The Pacific, having watched Band of brothers over xmass for the 4th time time on dvd.

    Can someone give corrine grant a job more in her line? She’s wasted on that airline show.

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