Seven announces TV Quiz, The White Room.

Tony Moclair and Julian Schiller will host a new comedy game show all about television for Channel Seven, The White Room.

Tony Moclair and Julian Schiller will host a new comedy game show all about television for Channel Seven, The White Room.

An original format developed by Seven, it features two teams of “well-loved TV faces, established comedians and some of Australia’s best emerging comedy talents, as they are quizzed, challenged, poked and prodded about TV shows and TV stars.”

Both comedians and broadcasters, Moclair and Schiller have recently been regulars on The 7PM Project on TEN. Schiller hosts a breakfast radio show on Nova in Adelaide, where he previously worked with Moclair following work on 3RRR. Moclair is now part of Triple M’s Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire in Melbourne and has also been a writer on Newstopia, and a regular on The Einstein Factor.

Seven is yet to announce any plans to return its other TV-loving format TV Burp to schedules in 2010.

No further details on The White Room have been released.

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  1. @bre saxs
    Tony and Julian also had a late night radio program on Triple M about (1996/97 I think it was) called ‘The late, late breakfast show’ – very funny good to see them back together again

  2. @bobby, Blankety Blanks was an actual gameshow with real contestants that won prizes assisted by the celebrity panelists. Ten’s Battle of the Sexes also had the celebrity/contestant mix. I thought Good News Week was the first fake style of gameshow with only celebrities (3 in each team with 1 regular team captain for each team) with no prizes…just relying on the comedic wit of the celebrities.

  3. Agree. Sounds a bit like The Great TV Game Show with Richard Stubbs and Jane Holmes. It was a bit cheap looking but wasn’t a bad show. I watched because it was from the producers of Comedy Company.

    TVTV was more a panel discussion/industry news/review programme- television equivalent of TV Tonight. Have an episode on tape in which the panel (Simon Townsend, Edith Bliss, James Valentine and others) discuss Mike Willesee’s infamous phone interview with child hostages.

  4. It has more than a whiff of “The Great TV Game Show” which was on TEN TV Australia (I think thats what the network was called then?) during their wall to wall game show era. It was hosted by Richard Stubbs if I remember correctly?

  5. I came across 12 Eps the other day of The Great Tv Game Show on DVD that was given to me and in his 1st television appearance was a young Andrew Maher from Ten’s Before the Game as a contestant….

  6. Hopefully it’s not as heavily scripted as Spicks and Specks, Good News Week and TBYG.

    Personally, I prefer old school variety shows like Hey Hey where it feels more “live” and unpredictable.

    I’ll give this “new” show three weeks before a timeslot shift/7 Two shift.

  7. Yes, Bre Saxs!

    I like Tony Moclair & Julian Schiller a lot, so I’ll be giving this show a go. ‘Restoring the Balance’ on Triple J was the funniest thing I heard on radio since ‘Martin/Molloy’ on the Austereo Network. The trouble was they were just treated like filler, so their timeslots kept moving around.

  8. @Chris: – “Loosely based on Never Mind the Buzzcocks…”

    Well, Spicks And Specks was a shameless carbon copy of Buzzcocks, so where does that place The White Room in the originality stakes? 😀

  9. I just have to point out that there’s no mention of Tony & Julian’s political satire show “Restoring the Balance” they did on popular youth station Triple J.

    I am undecided as to whether I’ll watch it or not. It will probably depend on what else “The White Room” is up against.

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