Seven launches online catch-up, PLUS7

Seven today launched its online catch-up PLUS7 with legal replays of shows including Grey's Anatomy, Home and Away, Heroes, Castle and more.

Seven today launched its online catch-up portal, PLUS7.

The site offers legal streaming of Seven shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Home and Away, FlashForward, Private Practice, Heroes, Castle, Better Homes and Gardens, Parks and Recreation and more.

As with the ABC’s iView, the site does not require a show to finish downloading before being available to start play.

The site includes “mid-roll advertising” to show advertisements mid programme, much like commercial television.

A spokesperson previously told TV Tonight they expect around 3-4 ads per show. Titles will remain online for between 7 – 28 days depending on rights.

So far no ISPs are yet on board for unmetered content.

The site can be viewed at au.tv.yahoo.com/plus7

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  1. I used this yesterday to catch up on the last ep of Parks & Rec. Does the job, and I like the selection of titles available, but it’d be great if this content was unmetered, and even better if it was higher quality video.

  2. Nice attempt at a “Australian” Hulu (as it has NBC shows on it like Hulu does).

    NBC Universal and Seven would need to wsork out a deal to bring Hulu to Australia-which they don’t seem to interested in )emailled NBC Universal suggesting that-no reply).

  3. Issues I have noticed so far….
    – Video isn’t very good quality
    – Watermark is quite big
    – Too many ads. Ads all over the pages, before videos, and during videos.
    – No ISPs have it unmetered.
    – Barely anything to watch.
    – No support for Windows Media Center (or any other Media Center software)
    – “Exclusive Sneak Previews” are not full episodes, but they are listed anyway.

  4. Hmm, pity the site is full of errors.
    Sunday 17th Jan – Castle: Series 3 Episode 8 ???
    Pity that there is no series 3 yet, it was actually Series 1 episode 8 yesterday.
    Wed Dec 6 – Heroes: Series 5 Episode 10???
    They are still screening Series 3 and are a whole series behind the US.

    A nice idea but poorly set up.

  5. Until the networks pool their catch up content and have one unified service that is delivered direct to the TV via Tivo, PS3 etc (Hulu anyone?) and are unmetered then they will not be hugely successful in my opinion.

  6. My thoughts:
    – The interface is less flash heavy than iView so props for that
    – It needs to be unmetered to be successful
    – The layout needs some usability enhancements
    – Needs a better recently added section (ie view shows by last episodes add date)
    – I like the my shows feature (with alerts)
    – An RSS feed of shows and links to watch it would be nice
    – They need more content, there are no many decent shows available (granted its early days, but then i don’t even know if i really watch much ch7 anyway i mostly watch 10)

    The top 2 must haves though is unmetered usage and a lot more content.

    Craig: Possibly because some people either have a HTPC they can watch it on, or they watch their downloaded content on their PC anyway.

  7. On one hand this is a good, especially for those of us with bad signals. On the other hand, it is bad because we won’t be able to watch much without using a significant portion of our monthly download usage.

    I really hope that ISPs start unmetering it soon. Otherwise it will be pointless.

  8. So again apart from being ‘legal’ why would anyone use a service where you can’t DL and are stuck at you PC or Mac to watch and you need a fast connection to watch? On top of that you still get ads!

    Maybe if ISPs put it on there unmetered list then it will work (for some) but until the I won’t be watching.

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