Seven Ratings week schedule (so far)

Here's what we know about Seven's first week of Ratings and what we don't.

Yesterday this site ran the current schedule details of Nine’s first official week of ratings. TEN’s full schedule for the same week is here.

Today here’s a look at Seven’s. Similarly, it has many TBAs.

Seven hasn’t indicated whether Grey’s Anatomy will air at 8:30pm or 9:30pm on Tuesday (it’s a 2 hr special next week).

Still no times yet for Bones, Castle, new Scrubs or Cougar Town. They should be clarified by tomorrow arvo if not before. Also unknown is whether Sunday Night will return on Feb 7.

Sunday Feb 7
6:00pm Seven News
6:30pm TBA
12:00am Late Movie: Fistful of Dollars rpt

Monday Feb 8
6:00pm Seven News
6:30pm Today Tonight
7:00pm Home & Away
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules.
8:30pm Desperate Housewives.
9:30pm Brothers and Sisters.
10:30pm Royal Pains.
11:30pm 30 Rock.

Tuesday Feb 9
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules
8:30pm TBA / 24 7TWO
9:30pm TBA / 24 7TWO
10:30pm 10 Years Younger in 10 Days (NZ)
11:00pm My Shocking Story rpt

Wednesday Feb 10
7:30pm RSPCA Animal Rescue.
8:00pm ICU. Premiere
8:30pm Criminal Minds.
9:30pm Gangs of Oz.
10:30pm Highway Patrol rpt
11:00pm SCU: Serious Crash Unit rpt

Thursday February 11
7:30pm TBA
8:30pm TBA
9:30pm TBA / Heroes 7TWO
10:30pm Family Guy
12:00am Blue Heelers rpt

Friday February 12
7:30pm TBA

Saturday February 6
6:30pm TBA


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