TEN: February 7 schedule

TEN’s schedule for the first week of ratings is confirmed.

The Biggest Loser, hosted by Hayley Lewis, is stripped across its week following The 7PM Project, leaving some shows to commence at 8pm and others at 8:30pm.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia will become a Wednesday night variety show, following its debut week of auditions beginning Sunday January 31st.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation shifts from Tuesdays to Sundays followed by The Good Wife premiere and House.

Bondi Rescue and Law and Order: SVU return.

And TEN is all but cutting its umbilical cord to The Simpsons. Just one episode will air across the week as a 20th Anniversary Special on Sunday (except for one rpt in Melb.). With TEN having aired 4 new episodes already in summer, it is no longer screening a new episode on weeknights, and Malcolm in the Middle remains in its traditional weeknight 6pm slot.

Also premiering or returning are The Circle, Meet the Press plus sports events NAB Cup and the NFL SuperBowl.

Sunday Feb 7
8:00am Meet the Press. New Series

6:00pm The Simpsons Special: Access All Areas
6:30pm The Biggest Loser
7:30pm Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. New Series.
8:30pm The Good Wife. Premiere
9:30pm House
10:30pm Avatar special
11:00pm Movie: The Thin Red Line

Monday Feb 8
9:00am TEN News
10:00am NFL SuperBowl XLIV Live. (4.5 hrs)

6:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
6:30pm Neighbours
7:00pm The 7PM Project.
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm Good News Week
10:00pm Ross Noble’s Australian Trip

Tuesday Feb 9
10:00am The Circle. Live. Premiere 2hrs

7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:00pm Bondi Rescue. New Series
8:30pm NCIS. New Series
9:30pm NCIS: LA rpt
10:30pm TEN Late News with Sports Tonight
11:15pm The 7PM Project rpt
11:45pm The Late Show with David Letterman
12:30am Army Wives

Wednesday Feb 10
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:00pm So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Top 20
10:00pm Burn Notice
11:00pm TEN Late News with Sports Tonight
11:45pm The 7PM Project rpt
12:15am The Late Show with David Letterman

Thursday Feb 11
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm Law and Orer: SVU. New Series
9:30pm Medium

Friday Feb 12
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
9:00pm NCIS rpt
10:00pm The Good Wife rpt
11:00pm TEN Late News
11:30pm Sports Tonight
12:00am The 7PM Project rpt
12:30am The Late Show with David Letterman

Saturday Feb 13

6:00pm The Simpsons rpt  (Mel)
6:30pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt (2 eps Mel / Ade / Per; one ep Syd / Bris)
7:30pm AFL: Haw v Richmond. NAB Cup.  Live / Ade Live / Per) airs 10:45pm Syd / Bris
10:00pm Movie: The Fast and the Furious rpt
12:10am Hell’s Kitchen UK

6:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt (2 eps)
7:00pm AFL: Haw v Richmond. NAB Cup. Live
9:30pm Movie: The Fast and the Furious rpt
11:40pm Hell’s Kitchen UK

6:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
6:30pm AFL: Haw v Richmond. NAB Cup.
9:00pm Movie: The Fast and the Furious rpt
11:10pm Movie: Event Horizon rpt
1:05am Hell’s Kitchen UK

6:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
6:30pm Movie: Evolution rpt
8:30pm Movie: The Fast and the Furious
10:45pm AFL: Haw v Richmond. NAB Cup.
12:45am Hell’s Kitchen UK

Subject to change.


  1. Tom of not SE Australia

    Re the Superbowl – 10am will be the Eastern Daylight Saving time kickoff time. Does anyone know if the match will be live to Qld, SA and WA or will we have a repeat of last years ridiculous situation where we had to sit through 9am with David and Kim before the game?

  2. i am glad i will be in bali when the super bowl is on. so i won’t have to see the drip maher and dave hughes trying to talk about the nfl. geez it was an absolute disgrace last year

  3. Looks like my previous comments were omitted. I did say it is an “ambitious” line-up by Ten by moving TBYG and House to Sunday nights, and SYTYCD to midweek.
    @ Daniel at January 22, 2010 at 3:34 pm: I’m not sure if ONE has the rights to Daytona 500, but it will broadcast 24 Hours of Daytona endurance race this weekend (January 30-January 31 in the US).

  4. I am pleased they still have the 7pm Project in there as the Friends and Other Long Gone American Sitcoms they were screening in that timeslot were getting old and tired but the one thing that is missing is a 90210 or other similar type of programme for the generation who were only babies or very young when they all debuted back in the late eighties or first half of the nineties that is relevant to the young people of today.
    Todays Under 25’s would have only been under the age of 5 or not even born yet when Tori Spellings Dad created the original 90210 so how about it Ten.

  5. rather disappointing about no Simpsons and no Cleveland.Obviously they have forgotten about those of us who don’t give a crap about Dance Shows and you can’t buy a box set yet at this stage of the Cleveland Brown Show which makes it even more frustrating.

  6. Nothing there to excite me, won’t be watching any TEN, Smallville and Supernatural would bring me over, no wait, seen them….. 😉

    There’s probably bugger all Simpsons Dman because we are only 2 eps behind the US and poor old Matthew Abram (Matt) Groening is stuck in his tiny studio, sweating and painting more as we speak

  7. I stopped watching SYTYCD after the first season but I think I might watch some of this season. Definitely looking forward to TBYG except I liked it’s original timeslot.
    On the other hand, I’ll still angry that Supernatural is gone.

  8. @jenny i think you find a lot of those shows were not though up by ten but via independent production companies, ten although did help nuture and give them a chance

  9. It seems that Malcolm is taking over from Simpsons. Couldn’t Simpsons or Cleveland Show be shown Tuesdays’s at 8pm? Move Bondi Rescue to Sunday evenings after House. That show doesn’t rate well anyway.

    David, could you please indicate which programs are being effected for the SuperBowl? It does seem unusual for it to be shown on the regular Ten, now that Ten have a 24/7 sports channel. Maybe it’s being simulcast on both channels.

    Great to see Medium is coming back. Would be nice to know when the 5th season is to come out in DVD in Australia, as there were some episodes I missed. I thought it would be out by now.

  10. Pity to see Outrageous Fortune go again. I don’t know why Australian networks never promote the Kiwi dramas they show and then wonder why they rate poorly. The great success of dirt cheap NZ factuals (occasionally being a week’s highest rating show) shows that Kiwi shows can get a following here when properly promoted and given a decent time slot.

  11. @ lostfan87. I did say some. Seven and Nine would not have thought about TBYG, Masterchef and TGYH. Since, the success of Masterchef, Seven and Nine have decided to do MKR and The Great Aussie Cook-off.

  12. Sundays look good. I’ll be watching shows across Nine and Ten from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Biggest Loser Fridays will be good and the new timeslot is much better. Dance has a better time as well and good to see Medium return. Good Wife looks good and new NCIS.

    Good line up Ten. Pity Seven couldn’t follow your lead

  13. @Jenny “Ten may lack organisational and development skills but they do come up with some original ideas. Unlike, Nine… ”
    You seem to be forgetting about the Spearman Experiment aka 20-5 To 1

  14. Whats the point of having ONE a 24/7 sports channel when you put the superbowl on normal TEN. Come on TEN, use your sports channel and put some decent programs instead

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