Underbelly 5: Back to Victoria?

Co-author of the Underbelly books suggests a fifth series of the Nine drama will return to Victoria.

Andrew Rule, Age journalist and co-author of the book Leadbelly,  the basis for the Underbelly series, this week hinted a fifth series of the Nine drama could return to its roots.

“If I had a crystal ball, I’d suggest . . . the fifth one will return to the south (Victoria),” he told 3AW’s breakfast programme.

He also contradicted suggestions Screentime might do another period series.

“I suspect they would be more inclined to do later, provided legally they can,” he said.

Rule’s co-author, journalist John Silvester, is a regular on the same radio programme. Both appeared last year in the ABC doco Dead Famous.

The fourth series of Underbelly will be set in Queensland.

Source: Herald Sun

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  1. I think it is a great show. I love it. So what if it features crime? I love it but I’m not going to go out and become like them and become involved in crime. I’m not. So I think that if people do decide to take part in organised crime, it is not because of this show. They would have done it anyway!

    Underbelly highlights the history that the average Australian will never know of because it is just not publicised. Every season is based on a different story with new characters and a new scenario. It’s the only television drama that I actually enjoy. It’s also Australian, which is great! At least we are watching our history, and it’s actually true. Not some made up rubbish.

    It is so captivating. At the end of every episode, you can’t wait to see what happens the next week. It is one of my few favourite shows. The reason that the seasons never get boring is because each season has a new scenario. It will never get boring.

    Can’t wait for season 5 and I hope there are many more seasons to come! Keep making the show, channel 9! It’s great!

  2. I really don’t watch much commercial network television anymore. But for this show I had made the exception.

    The Underbelly series has been very entertaining to date. The series fairly demonstrates the rise and fall of the criminals involved. Any suggestions it somehow promotes criminal activity is absurd and is probably imagined by those viewers who are succeptible to current affairs programs on commercial network television.

  3. I love the Underbelly series and I don’t participate in any form of crime. Your logic is flawed! I think it’s great for the Australian TV industry. If you aren’t a fan, don’ t watch it… or comment on articles written about it!

  4. U people r monkeys! Everyone says police dramas and medical dramas are crap, yet when something different comes along, u find a way to dicriminate that! wow u guys should be grateful that there is some dramas reflecting our history and telling the story of some of the most amazing crimnals in the world. its better than letting another US crime drama onto the screen.

  5. This show is the worst show on the TV. It glamorises everything that is criminal acts and believe it or not it is wrong! I hate this series and yes i have tried to watch each series on its merits but its a bull**** excuse for television. No wonder crime is going through the roof. This series fuels that.

  6. @jack. As long as the 2 million idiots in Australia keep watching this crap it will go for a very long time. The scripts are terrible, the acting is terrible, the story is so far from the truth also, it just glamourises the whole thing. But Nine hype it liek hell, people are stupid and believe hype, and then think it’s cool to go along with so claim it to be the best thing ever on tv. I don’t get how anyone who watches decent television can award this show Logies for acting, and script writing, it makes the great actors in them look like amateurs.

  7. As long as there is crime in Australia then channel 9 has new Underbelly seasons.

    I also heard that channel 9 is doing an underbelly season on Shapelle Corby and her trail and jail time…ummm, i think underbelly should spend time in a bali prison for doing that idea

  8. Underbelly is the only TV Drama that i know changes every season with a new story and new actors. It’s a refreshing change.

    Too bad pack to the rafters isn’t like that cos that family will become boring and stale after this season or the next.

    Look what happen to desperate house wives.

  9. There’s a number of Victorian crims that the first series left out (both from the
    early 80s period – the late 90s and from there, up to present day), so there would be enough for a probably final series.

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