Victoria at risk of losing Logies

First the AFIs were snatched by New South Wales. Will Queensland manage to secure the Logies from Victoria?

More speculation that the Logies may be on the move today with the Brumby Government’s major events unit, The Victorian Major Events Company, reportedly being asked to belatedly consider backing TV’s night of nights.

VMEC already supports sports and arts events including the Australian Grand Prix, AFL finals series, Spring Racing Carnival, Australian Masters (golf), Melbourne Fashion Week, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Nine and TV Week have been considering what is believed to be a tempting incentive from Queensland Events, the Queensland Government’s major events arm, to relocate its big night this May. The idea was first floated in late 2008 and TV Tonight got wind of the revisited idea last December.

Last week Melbourne also lost the right to host AFI Awards from 2011, after Sydney secured them.

Crown has also reportedly put an offer on the table to retain the big night it has hosted for the last decade.

But Nine / PBL, which no longer has James Packer on is board, could easily take up the northern offer, especially if it meant saving a few dollars along the way. Underbelly 4 is also said to be set in Queensland. Such a move could easily be spun as ‘sprucing up’ the awards many say has looked tired.

If VMEC got involved with the Logies, which benefits hotels, taxis, hair salons, stylists, communications and catering companies, Victorian taxpayers would be footing part of the bill.

Meanwhile latest rumours on a host are mentioning the name Shane Bourne, despite him being a Seven personality. Nine’s own shortlist would surely have included Daryl Somers and Eddie McGuire?

In all likelihood, everybody just wants Shaun Micallef to do it.

Source: Herald Sun

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  1. Why would the average viewer care where they broadcast from – hey they even watch stuff from places as far away as Hollywood. On the other hand if you put it somewhere inconvenient, the invitees might decide that the party is just not worth the effort.

  2. If they get offered a cheaper deal, Nine’s bean counters should take it to who ever offers them the best deal in terms of cheaper operating costs, but even most Qld residents would concur Melbourne is the cultural capital of the country. If it does go to Qld, if they don’t take it to the Gold Coast, they could use the Bris Convention Centre, but with both locations, there’s no comparison to Melbourne’s superior Crown Casino.

  3. @Gil. – Micallef was actually a huge success hosting the 2001 Logie awards across the 3 important areas:

    1. He went over very well with the live celebrity audience, which is a difficult feat to achieve given the cynical/sarcastic nature of many TV personalities.

    2. The ratings were huge

    3. The reviews were strong

    Its been proven time and time again, both here and overeseas, that award shows need a cerebral/high brow type host that appears to be working off the cuff.

    Think Andrew Denton, Micallef, Billy Crystal and Conan O’Brien – all of these hosts were big hits with their recpective award nights.

    The hosts that have bombed are those that try to come up with ideas they think are funny, but appear too heavily scripted and fake to viewers – think Gretel Killen, Wendy Harmer and Daryl Somers.

  4. I thought Shaun Micallef’s hosting of it was the best in years before and after.
    The last few years have been a total embarrassment that I have just fast forwarded through on the PVR.
    We should just televise the TV Tonight awards and lose the Logies.

  5. The Emmys are awarded by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Why couldn’t we have the premier award in Australian television awarded by a similar academy (similar to the AFI) instead of TV Week, who only do it to promote their stupid magazine. It totally denigrates the validity of the award, particularly those of the “Outstanding” categories.

  6. Just scrap the Logies, they’re an embarrassment to the industry and voted on by 40 year old mothers who watch daytime soaps and read trashy TV Week. The TV Tonight awards were more accurate.

  7. As a Queenslander I don’t care where they have The Logies. However the host must be chosen very carefully as many previous hosts have bombed excruciatingly because they had bigger ego’s than the Show itself.
    Sooooo Please, No Burt. No Darryl, No Micallef and co. Find an amusing local celebrity or beg Hugh Jackman or Erik Bana to do it.

  8. Send the event to Queensland, with a Queenslander hosting, with one condition.

    That the host must have editorial freedom, meaning he or she can criticise the execs, talent, even TV Week themselves, about the state of our “broken” TV industry in the Sunshine State.

    I reckon it would rate highly in Brisbane, and wake the execs up to the Brisbane audience.

  9. I’m a QLDer but want the logies to stay where they belong..in Melbourne.

    As for a host I wouldn’t mind seeing Daryl doing it but would also love to see Shaun do them as well.

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