Will the real owner of this idea please stand up?

20100In copyright law execution is everything. You can’t copyright an idea, only the way you use it.

But even the execution of this 2010 concept by Channels TEN and Nine seems pretty darn close.

20109Both networks are using their respective graphics in promotions, slipping their corporate logo into the final “0” of “2010.”

Is it possible they both took a stroll down to the same advertising agency?

Even the font isn’t too dissimilar.

For the record, TV Tonight noted TEN’s use of the graphic as early as early October, so it probably wins on that score. And after all the year itself would suggest a tad more ownership.

Now all we need is Seven to join in the game.

The silly season continues….


  1. Does anybody remember the old days when channel 7 had the 7 in a circle all the time? That only changed in the 90’s. Why not bring back their old logo for 1010 and have the 7 in teh circle once more!

  2. Actually I have to say the stuff TEN is using on air is pretty darn good. I’m loving the Dance 2010 ad plus the block letters just look so different to what’s been going around before, whereas the other networks feel very dated.

    I hope Nine fix their graphics suite up this year.. They’re just horrendously ugly right now.

  3. Ten are not even using that image on air. They have a squarish 2010 which then changes to the usual ten in a circle on a yellow background.

    Nine – can’t stand their look at all. The big 3d blue letters they continue to use are ugly and cheap looking and not even original. 2010 with the 9 logo in the last 0 is the worst of them all.

  4. Don’t think anyone has mentioned yet that Channel TEN didn’t even go with the above idea for their on air branding – all their 2010 promos show 2010 in futuristic blocky font. Nine’s however is on air and doesn’t look good at all.

  5. Yeah.. I’m leaning towards TEN on this one. The 0 at the end is TEN’s logo, whereas Nine just had it shoved in there.. It’s just plain ugly. I cannot stand the on-air presentation of Nine anymore. Sure, it’s good to give some things a shot, but this should just be given a shot of anthrax and left to die.

  6. Dear Channel 9: please stop referring to 2010 as “two thousand and ten” – get uptodate, and call the year “Twenty Ten” (as both Channel 7 and Channel 10 and the rest of the planet have done).

  7. I prefer 10s as well-very stylish and modern. 9s is ugly & retro in a bad way (almost as ugly as 7s tacky graphics/logos) – although in general 9s graphics are the most attractive certainly moreso then the amateurish red/white rubbish on 7..

    I like the “Welcome Home” slogan though it just needs a better looking logo around it.

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