ABC3 tracking well with kids

The ABC is singing the praises of ABC3, which it claims is the most popular channel for kids aged 5- 12.

The ABC is singing the praises of ABC3, which it claims is the most popular channel for kids aged 5- 12.

Since launching nine weeks ago, the channel is now the top daytime channel among 5-12s (6am-6pm) across all FTA and Pay TV channels. Amongst those viewers it has a share of 13.1% compared to ABC1 (10.7%), Nine (8.3%), Disney Channel (6.9%) and Nickelodeon at (5.3%). Of course, not all children’s channels on Pay TV are aimed at the same target of viewers.

Prank Patrol, CJ the DJ and Rush TV are its most popular locally produced programs.

The ABC3 website has attracted 1.3 million visits since its launch, with CJ the DJ has the most popular of titles on its website.

Kim Dalton, Director of ABC TV said “We always said that there was a need for a commercial free dedicated children’s channel which had broad and diverse programs but with a focus on Australian characters and Australian stories. We were funded by the Government to deliver ABC3 to do just this and Australia’s children have voted with their eyeballs.

“These figures are an outstanding vote of confidence in the Government’s decision to fund ABC3, in the mix of quality and diverse Australian and international programming we are offering, and in our partners in the independent production community who are making many of them.”

Daily share averages this week have been around 0.3%% to 0.5%.

Week 6

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  1. @kirben: Now I do agree with you, as does a lot of the rest of Australia, I feel it was a waste to use abc 3 for kids shows only, it would be better if it focused on some other area and put kids cartoons on abc2 during the holidays. Or at least they could put the preschjol programming on ab3 during the school day and use abc2 for other programmes.

  2. Paull: That is the whole point, the ABC doesn’t have enough new content for a single kids channel, but are wasting two channels with kids programming that is basically endless repeats.

    The ABC managed to show different series in the afternoon (4PM-6PM) each weekday on the ABC1, followed by an additional hour (6PM-7PM) on the ABC2 only a few years ago. Which offered more new content, quality content, and variety of content. Compared to what is currently offered by the ABC1/2/3.

    After school programming would be the most important for children, and that is exactly what I would like to see return at the very least.

  3. Seeing as abc can offer more channels unlike the commercial I can accept a kids channel and news channel from them I mean they play out series on both abc1 and abc2. Also its fine if they play older Australian content instead of older American/Uk/Canada content I mean isn’t this country Australia? I do think new local and Internation content is just as if not more important too.

  4. @kirbin: so i guess my question now is, would you rather we go back to pre-December 2009, when there was no such thing as a 24 hour kids channel? Isn’t it unreasonable to expect new and diverse programming every day? I mean, I’d love it if channels that were aimed at me(Go! For example) had new shows that I liked 24 hours 7 days a week, bit the reality is, I only catch a couple of hours from GO each week.

    So I guess you’re left with 2 choices, get foxtel which includes a number of kids channels that run all day, or don’t watch abc3 and go back to the days of just kids
    programming on after school and on Saturday morning.

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