Airdate: Inside the Firestorm

To commemorate the first anniversary of ‘Black Saturday’, ABC1 will screen the documentary, Inside the Firestorm this Sunday, February 7 at 8.30pm.

Using Country Fire Authority footage, eyewitness accounts, 774 ABC Melbourne radio reports, photos and amateur footage, this documentary shows how monster fires, exacerbated by hurricane-force winds, destroyed everything in their path.

It shows the 24 hours through the eyes of witnesses caught inside the firestorm with heart-breaking stories – some of miraculous survival, others of devastating loss of loved ones and property by the bushfires described by one eyewitnesses as a ‘fire tornado’.

Tomorrow morning News Breakfast on ABC2 will cross live to former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Christine Nixon and Federal Member for McEwen, Fran Bailey at Kinglake and other guests including locals affected by the fires.

Stateline (Vic) on ABC1 is presenting a special program from Kinglake featuring interviews with Nixon, Country Fire Authority Chief Officer, Russell Rees and others.

ABC Online also provides an interactive website at


  1. For those interested, this will be in HD on ABCHD. One of the few programs in HD on the ABC.

    With the 24 news channel replacing ABCHD soon, this might be one of the last chances you get to watch something on ABCHD in actual HD.

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